Does Wyze Cam Floodlight include a V3 camera?

I’m confused on which “Wyze Cam Floodlight” option includes what.

The first option, says “Wyze Cam Floodlight”, and the 3rd option says "Wyze Cam Floodlight + Wyze Cam V3 (add on).

Does the 1st option include a V3 camera, or is it just an accessory to add to an existing V3 camera?

And does the 3rd option include a single V3 camera, or does that include two V3 cameras?

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Hey, all packages include 1 v3 mounted to the floodlight.

The second one is a bundle that includes an additional v3 cam (add on). The floodlight has a usb port on the back if you want to add an additional v3, so thats what the bundle is for.


Thanks for clarifying. The “In the Box” section does not list a camera - it does say it includes a “Wyze Cam Floodlight”, but that is still not clear if it means just the floodlight part, or if that has a camera included in the floodlight unit. But it is now clear that it already includes a camera.

Does that mean that the included camera is a special version that is a hard-wired part of the floodlight unit, rather than a normal V3 camera that is mounted in a bracket and plugged into a port?

What about the 2nd camera? Can I add one of my existing V3 cameras that I already have, like the one already installed where I want to mount the floodlight instead? Or is the 2nd camera also a special version, and is it the only camera that can be used as a 2nd camera?

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The floodlight has a totally normal V3 installed when you get it. You can later separate it if you wish. The add-on is also for a standard V3. So yes, you can add your own.


Great - thanks!

I am looking forward to getting one of these.