Floodlight Modification with V3 PRO camera

I have a wyze floodlight with a wyze cam v3 attached.

I was wondering if I buy a Wyze V3 PRO, will it work on my flood light?
I would remove the v3. The software settings detects the camera as a seperate item. The flood light settings are then accessed as an accessory to the camera… so im thinking that v3 pro, has the same, and updated better firmware, dont see why it wouldn’t work.

Now from what i remember the v3 that comes with the flood light , unplugs from somewhere on the back of the flood light. It is a small usb port under or behind the PIR sensor. I remember a screw holds the camera on the floodlight, but i remember i never could “pull” the usb chord from the camera itself to remove the camera. It felt like it was really sealed in there… I think that the camera on the flood light is “sealed” on the camera usb end…the only way to remove the camera was to take the usb out from the flood light power output (the standard one) not the extra one. Then you would have to like angle the cable through the metal loop to allow the camera to come off. It was a little tricky but do able. Just get a step ladder so you can see what you are doing.

I could be wrong, but does that cable actually come out of the camera? i dont want to go an try to find a 2 inch usb cable, if i upgrade. See when you but a v3 camera standalone, the cable doesn’t look like the one in the flood light… its a small 2 inch cable. and i THINK, that the factory might put some sealant, or perhaps a right rubber usb input or something to make it seem like its sealed on the camera end. I remember because 7 months ago i tried to remove the camera and that was the only way i felt comfortable doing it… i could NOT remove the usb cable from the camera input side.

Just some thoughts… I would rather replace the main camera then add an extra because i dont want my front house to look messy, and to mount it would require and extra screw in the siding.

This is just for “replacement” help, “if it goes bad” and prep for the future IF i decide its worth it… I may never do it…

No. You cannot replace the main v3 that came installed to the floodlight accessory with the new v3 pro .

However the v3 pro can be powered up by the back usb port to be used as an additional camera


Unfortunately the v3pro firmware doesn’t support accessories at this time. It’s a shame, and many users like myself want it to. Hopefully Wyze adds this in the future.

You can however use the pro as a secondary camera by plugging into the USB on the back of the floodlight. It won’t be able to control the floodlight, but it can get power.


You beat me to it! Great job :slight_smile:


nice thanks alot! so hlepful, ill stay lowres for now lol

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Thanks eatbeans!

Yes nice to know , i just assumed that a newer camera would have every thing the old one would… such a shame. So easy to add that firmware feature to allow accessories.

Jus out of curiosity, how did you find out that the v3 pro doesn’t support accessories at this time? was it documented somewhere? or did you test it? Im tempted to buy one, and just “try” to see if it will work regardless. But i probably wont. But if I do ill try it anyways.

Somewhere in this forum a Wyze employee said so.


I just received my v3 Pro recently and was considering swapping out the v3 on my floodlight. The v3 has a 6 inch cable permanently connected to the back of the camera with a female micro usb port on the other end. This cable attaches to the back of the floodlight and can be removed from the floodlight end with a bit of wiggling. The port on the floodlight itself is a male micro usb port.

The v3 Pro just has a female micro usb port on the back of the camera, no permanently attached cable. So, even if the v3 Pro gets updated to support accessories, finding a 6 inch micro usb extension cord (male on one end for the camera, female on the other end for the floodlight) where both ends fit inside of the recessed ports for the camera and the floodlight may prove very difficult.

Maybe Wyze will eventually update the V3 Pro to support accessories AND offer a short usb cord to perform the upgrade, but that’s probably a lot of wishful thinking.

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Or, maybe they’ll make accessories just for the Pro :slight_smile:

That information is SUPER helpful. Thanks again. Yes the v3 regular seems to have a permanent connection to the camera end, and then it fits into the floodlight, that end wiggles out like you said. Then you kinda twist it sideways so it slips through the metal bracket and allows you to remove the entire camera , cord attached.

So the v3 pro has basically a port to plug in any usb cable, but i know what you mean the recessed openings can be tricky because some usb micro cables have thicker cases toward the end tip, some thinner, so you want it to go all the way in… figures. Doable, but you would have to shop around. And the fact it doesn’t support accessories at this time makes it a no go for me at this time.

If it does allow you to, or if you are curious, i notice that for usb ports and small openings you can use a little plumbers putty ( home depot) or electric duct clay, to surround any ports. This creates a removable, permanent water barrier so rain doesn’t sneak into any openings. And it is very easy to remove with your hands if you wanna swap out the cable. i usually take a little make a ball and roll it in my palms to make a thin strip. Then press it around any odd openings and wipe any excess off. Cool stuff.

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So if I remove the built-in Cam V3 from the Floodlight can I ditch the Floodlight and use the cam V3 by itself?
I’ve had the Floodlight V3 Cam for almost a year now and its been painful especially after every update. Yes I’ve read all the posts on these forums and tried everything.