Micro USB Female to Male extension cable for Wyze Floodlight

Because of the way my floodlight is positioned I want to be able to remove the Cam V3 that comes with the Floodlight and use an extendable cable that will fit the micro USB slot on the floodlight. I want to use two cameras that is not near the floodlight if that makes sense.

Those you can get on Amazon

I tried some of those and the female micro USB is too big to fit inside the floodlight

Trim it up with a razor, it easy

You could look for extensions that specifically mention Wyze, such as this one:

Even with those, I would examine the male micro USB connector in the images to verify it appears to no have no larger a shell than the Wyze connectors. (These appear to fit that criteria). Searching the Q&A/reviews for the word “Wyze” would also be prudent, as anyone buying one and finding it didn’t fit would hopefully post a review warning others.

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I know this won’t work with the V3 camera that comes with the floodlight but you should be able to plug into the USB A port on the back of the floodlight and use a regular V3 or even a V2 camera.