Short third-party male-to-female microusb extension cable?

I want to swap my existing v3 cams with the v3 pro but don’t want to change my existing cabling. Since the pro doesn’t have the pigtail like the non-pro, I need a short extension cable of comparable length. Know of any extension short cables that can fit into the pro’s port?

Also this will be used outdoors so I’ll need to find something to protect the connectors. Maybe use the rubber sleeve from the non-pro.

I used the existing V3 cable with the V3 Pro, I just plugged it into the provided V3 Pro 2 amp power adapter. The Pro has been outdoors working since November 2022. Is your existing cable just short without the length of the pig tail? You could get a short male-female USB A and extend your existing V3 power cable. I used one from WYZE but they are out of stock.

The cord from the V3 will fit into the back of the V3Pro, however it will NOT be Weather Resistant.

The V3Pro cord looks very similar to the V3 cord except for a small line with an arrow on it to indicate if it is fully seated. The V3Pro plug body is a proprietary size to insure a tight seal in the back of the V3Pro. You aren’t going to find any aftermarket plugs that will be covered for water intrusion under the cam’s warranty.

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