WyzeCam v3 Pro may not work with some 3rd party USB cables

The power socket on the v3 Pro is smaller than on previous cameras. I have a long USB cable running through my attic to power this camera and found that the micro USB connector on the cable will not insert all of the way in to make contact. Worked fine on my WyzeCam and v3 cameras.


Thanks for that heads up. I will check some of my non-Wyze cables…

That is definitely a major flaw. The U in USB stands for Universal and I guess Wyze decided to make it’s own cable :slight_smile:

The V2’s were pretty small too. I had to whittle the plastic around my plug end down.

You can see the difference in this side by side pic of a v3 Pro vs. a WyzeCam classic. The v3 Pro has a power socket that steps smaller the further the USB micro connector is inserted.


The step down you see is actually for waterproofing. There’s some silicone in there to act as a seal. The only way for it to be waterproof is if the cable is snug, so only some sizes will fit


I think that it is common to need a longer cable than Wyze supplies, so if Wyze wasn’t going to sell one, the support group should have tested and recommended a 3rd party cable that works. I took a Dremel tool with a sanding drum, set it to low speed and very lightly sanded down the end the micro USB connector plastic housing. When I plugged it back in to the camera, the power light came on.


I have mine attached to a 20ft ext. from Amazon that fits nicely, albeit very snug.


I have had this problem with my V3Pros that I have been setting up. There are many instances where I need at least a 10-15ft cord to get it in the right position, and so I have to use a 3rd party cord, but the tip wouldn’t fit in the V3Pro port.

I did similar to alepold: I took a file and slowly filed the plastic on the third party cord until it finally fit in there with enough pushing. :man_shrugging:

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Please remember that this is a thight fit for waterproofing, if you sanded it down too much you won’t have a seal and water will get in. Camera is waterproof if you use provided cables or tight cables, the usb connection itself can not be waterproof

This is why they should’ve left it the way the V3 was, with a little cable coming out of it with a rubber cover over the connection. At least that way we could use longer 3rd party cords. For a lot of people, they basically have to sand down the tip of the 3rd party cords or they can’t hang their camera where they want.

Wyze should either come out with a coupler-adapter that lets us connect any cord to it, or at least offer their own affordable long cables that will fit right.

Another option is that people could buy their own little coupler, then plug the cord that came with these, into the cam, then plug that into the coupler and another longer cord into the coupler, then waterproof where the 2 cords connect (ie: wrap silicone tape over that connection). That is an option I have done before.