Wyze Lamp Socket usb cable - extension

I just received my Wyze Lamp Socket and the usb cable is 30” - not nearly long enough. You cannot use the 5 foot cable that came with the Wyze Cam v3 - if you use that, your Wyze Cam will not “see” the socket and cannot control it. I’m trying to figure out a workaround, because 30” for the cable is not practical. The cable should atleast be the same length as the Cam cable.

Sine I do not have a socket I don’t know what type USB connections the supplied cable has except It probably has the one special end the fit into the V3. Couldn’t you put a different USB in the socket and connect the supplied cable to it? Maybe this? or if you have photos of the supplied cable someone will for sure figure it out? Just thinking…

Per the FAQ for the socket:

WYZE also used to say only 32GB cards supported but most people used larger. Also they said do not leave the WCO plugged in but numerous people do (not me), the warranty be damned. Does the USB for the socket have a “SPECIAL” USB fitting at each end I don’t know? There is always a “work around” even if the warranty is at risk, just down :fire: the house down.

I am told that the Wyze Cam V3’s usb cable is only a power cable, and doesn’t do data. So I was told to buy a data cable. I tried various micro usb cables that I had lying around the house, and only one worked. I bought a few data cables online and will try them out when they arrive. But basically, Wyze should include a longer cable with the lamp socket.

The supplied cable is basically a V3 cable in form and fit, but it has data lines to control the socket. To save cost, most other Wyze cables do not have data lines and thus will not work with the socket.

So if you bought a Type A USB male connector to micro USB male connector cable of sufficient length that has data lines plus a micro USB oval shape that can fit into the V3’s waterproof cable sleeve, then that should work. Basically the same connectors your current cable has but with a longer run and data lines in between.

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I’m going to try this cable since I only needed one so far. Has power and data …

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 2.10.56 PM.png

Did this work for you? Thanks

Worked great. Used one on a stand alone camera and a second on a camera with two light sockets. No problems at all.

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Monoprice 6ft data usb cable for only $2.50. This forum confirmed what I thought I needed and I don’t need a 10ft cable (or two of them). Ordered today :crossed_fingers:


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The Monoprice cable didn’t work for me. It did a firmware update and then the socket disappeared from the app although the socket still powers the camera. I am hoping that this video will help me recover so that I can still use the socket. Un-Brick Wyze Cam & Bring it back to life! - YouTube

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Sorry to hear it did not work for you. There is nothing special about the Wyze cable other than the rubber grommet type end. It is a standard data USB A - USB Micro. Most people have a slew of these cables laying around. The problem is many of these cords are power only. (Think 2 wire positive / negative only verus a data cable with the 4 wires to include signal.)

I would try bench testing your setup. Put everything on a table with a lamp for testing. Good luck!