Extension for Wyze socket and Wyze V3, is this the right part?

Is this the right part to use as an extension between the Wyze socket and Wyze V3?

No. The cable in that mounting kit is a power-only cable. You need a standard microSD data cable.

A longer data cable is one of the Lamp Socket enhancements listed in the Lamp Socket Enhancements wishlist topic. Some here are running this example, but some Amazon reviewers claim poor performance when connected to a v3:

I’ve been running these data cables with no problems:


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I am still using the cord show in my prior post the mod linked. To date, the only issue I’ve had is updating the Lamp Socket using that cord. There is an easy workaround though - simply take the Lamp Socket inside and update it using a spare camera (or one you can easily access) and the original short cord. Took all of 3 minutes to update and I’ve only had to do it once. Otherwise, the linked cable is still functioning as desired.

Any issues since the last update on the socket control? You are using 25’ correct? I thought I read on another thread you linked to amazon 16 foot cables. Thanks!

Hello PMartian,

Yes the updates don’t work with that cable. I think it’s missing one of the data lines in it…. Anyways, I just pull my lamp socket out and hook it up to a camera using the original cord (it’s the one with the triangular usb connection) and update it real quick. You can bring the lamp socket inside and use a different camera if you have one, or just just an extension cord and a table lamp to reach your outdoor camera. It’s a hassle, but you only have to do it once or twice a year in my experience so far.

Thank you Brendan. Ordered cable. The cable you list will allow lamp socket control, scheduling, rules, etc. but no updating correct? Today I wasted time running, hiding a 25’ cable today but it was just for power with no data line. Your update procedure when needed will be simple. Thanks again

That is correct. It has all functionality, besides the need to update using the original cable that came with the lamp socket (the cable with the triangular USB port). Minor inconvenience if your set up allows you to easily access the lamp socket and a camera. Both are needed to update since the socket has no “brains.”

As of 3/29/23, this cord now works for updates; therefore, working flawlessly. Not sure if this is a one-off, but this is the first time a update has taken without switching to the original short cord that came with the socket. Will update if things change.

Is the cable you’re referring to the one in the link you posted? It’s an extension for the camera FROM the light socket, correct? To give me the ability to place my camera further from the socket? I’m a bit tech challenged lol If there’s something even longer I can use, can you post a link?

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25ft Power Extension Cable Compatible with Blink Mini, Xbox Series X, Echo Connect, Nintendo Switch, Ps4 Controller, and Cameras - Black - https://a.co/d/8BaIiON

This is what I am using and it works perfect.
I’m running a 15 foot distance outdoor.


Hello Kate, what you stated is correct. The cable is from the light socket to the camera and replaces the short flat cable that came with the socket when purchased new. The cable I linked in my prior post is the the correct one.

As for the length, there are some limitations for how long you can go and still be supplying applicable voltage to the device. The longer the cable is, the more electrical resistance there is, and ultimately the less voltage at the end of the plug. From my research regarding cables of this type, 25 feet is roughly the maximum length that will work.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate the visual aid :smiling_face: What I want to do is pretty much your photo.