Wyze V3 + Lamp Socket - Pro Tip

Pro Tip to users:
Lamp Socket adapter only comes with like a 2ft cord, this length is not realistic for mounting an outside security camera, so your first thought is to use the 5ft v3 usb cable, of course. Buuuuuuut that cord only has charging lines and not data lines, therefore it can power your camera but not allow you to control the lamp socket (to turn off the lightbulb, but keep power running to the camera simultaneously)

Sooooo…. You need an aftermarket USB A to micro USB cord that’s at least 5ft long, otherwise you will A. Have to mount the camera very close to the lamp which may not be ideal OR B. Leave your light on 24/7, wasting energy.

Just learned this the hard way, hope the new usb cord I ordered gets the job done.
Pro Tips to Wyze:

Either add data lines to your v3 cam cables to be readily useable with the lamp socket
Make your lamp socket cords at least 5ft long


Could you use a smart bulb like the Sengled Smart Bulbs or Hue or even Wyze Smart bulb?

I only want the socket to more easily place a camera outside where a plug isn’t readily accessible.

I know you will most likely lose ability to have the light come on when the camera detects motion?

I agree that there should be a way to connect the Wyze Lamp Socket to the Wyze Cam v3, no matter how far away it is. My Wyze Cam v3 is about 15 feet away from the Wyze Lamp Socket with no other outlets nearby to power it. I am unable to take full advantage of the Wyze Lamp Socket features because I can not use the short USB Cable that was provided with it to power the camera. I think it would be ideal if there was a connector that could be used between both of these cables that are sold by Wyze.

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Did getting an aftermarket wire work?