Lamp Socket Enhancements

I totally LOVE my new Lamp Socket Adapters. An item that I have yet to source that would be a great upgrade for this device would be a plastic socket cover/insert that would have a mount in it to directly attach a V3 camera to. Anyone that has a flood lamp could replace that big BR style bulb with a V3 camera and the nifty LED light.

I love my new sockets as well, but I really wish it was completely wireless so that there wasn’t a somewhat gaudy cable between the socket and camera. The included cable is much too short and it’d be nice if it were either longer or there was an extension available. Better yet, which solves both, would be that the socket worked with the outdoor camera!


I bought a 25 ft cable off Amazon and it works perfectly with the camera.


Is there going to be a longer cord (extension) made available?


If your talking about the white USB to Micro USB? Those are on Amazon from 6 inches to 50 feet

I’m pretty sure what you see is what you get. If you get a replacement, make sure it is a DATA cable, not just a power cable. Power-only cables will not work. And if you exceed 20 feet, make sure the wire gauge is reasonably heavy to reduce voltage drop.


Have a similar issue. I need at least a 6 foot extension cable for the V3. Is there a recommended cable? I know the existing V3 cables does not work, which I would assume was power AND data. Is Wyze coming out with one anytime soon?

I think Wyze creates thousands of kits, so I doubt they ever deviate from what they sell, so I’d check Amazon for whatever you need?

Got the socket last week and it works great. True dusk to dawn lighting. I haven’t tried to set up rules for my Wyze bulbs but I hope that works. The lack of a astronomical clock in the app is strange. Every other lighting controller I have worked with has one to handle seasons and DST.

It would be so much better if the cord was longer or there was an extension to get better camera placement. I tried a 10’ USB micro M-F extension but that does not work. Voltage drop?

I have used all sorts of extensions for my V2 and V3 cameras and they worked great. Any ideas before I start voiding warranties?

It needs an extension or primary cable that has data lines in it.

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Thanks for the reply! The cables I bought will extend other USB devices like charging and transferring files from my phone.

The instructions are very specific that one should only use the cable that came with the socket. I’m puzzled.

They say that because what they provide with other Wyze cams is a charge-only cable, not a data cable.

Makes sense!

Any idea why a standard micro USB M-F extension won’t work? It appears to be fully functional in other USB applications.

Should work, if it is a data cable, and not an odd data cable.

The cord that’s included is way too short. It doesn’t reach the camera, and standard USB cords don’t work. You either need to release a longer cord, at least 8-10 feet, or make it so off the shelf cords work.

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I use that, it’s a 25’ aftermarket cable with the correct data. I’ve been using that cable since I got the lamp socket, so 3ish months or so now? Works flawlessly.

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Thanks. Just ordered one. I’ll give it a shot.


I don’t know what the problem was with those USB extensions but I used a 10’ USB A to micro data cable and it worked fine.

Software enhancements for Wyze lamp socket

Wish #1
Is it possible to identify sockets in the group by their MAC addresses and add independent control via rules using V3 cam as a hub? This can partially solve the problem with the sockets being a dumb accessory of a V3 cam.

Wish #2
Currently, there are 3 options to trigger socket with V3 cam:

  1. Sunset to sunrise
    2/3. Motion/Sound detected in the dark+Timer

I wish a hybrid option: Turn on the socket for X minutes if Motion/Sound detected from Sunset/XXpm to Sunrise/YYam, but without in the dark requirement.

The reason is 2 fold: 1st, currently one can blind the camera with a flashlight and it will not turn on the light because it is not “dark”. 2nd my cam is installed under the deck and controls under the deck light, my back yard has a floodlight with a motion sensor. And if the floodlight is activated by motion and lights up the lawn the cam thinks that it is not dark and doesn’t turn the socket on, so one can hide from the camera on the patio under my own deck.