Wyze V3 Lamp Socket cable extension?

Has anyone found a power or data cable that works with the lamp socket that still lets you control the lamp socket?

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This cable is power and data. Have not tried it yet but should work as both power and data are present.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 2.10.56 PM.png


I have the same issue. I need a longer cable.

NOTE: the suggestion above does NOT work. The lamp socket has a special USB end that is at an angle because of the limited space, and it is also more weatherproof.

I need a micro-usb to male to micro-usb female extension that is weather resistant. Also since the end of the V3 cam has a rubber sleeve, it needs a plug that is small.

I really wish Wyze will come out with their own extension cable. Meanwhile not sure what to use!



I concur, I need this light socket plug in a longer format. 3ft would be nice. TY

I just used the cable that came with the camera. Works just fine.

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That’s the exact cord I have saved in my Amazon shopping list They have it in both Black and White.

This same company has these data-capable cords in varying sizes. I own some of the 10ft ones already.

10 feet

13.1 feet

16.4 feet

20 feet

Honestly, the price is virtually unbeatable for that length of a data-capable cord., not to mention flat instead of round!

You can search for other size cords, just use the word data sync in your search with micro usb and you’ll find plenty of options, including many under 10 feet if you don’t need it that long.

EDIT: I was reminded in a post below that the lamp socket has a special USB-A form to fit the lamp socket correctly, so what I did was buy a data-sync capable coupler, then connect the 2 cords with that and then water-proof the coupler area so rain can’t get to it (many ways to do this). See my next post for an example of the couplers I bought

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The problem with the lamp socket is that the USB port on the socket is in the base of the unit, and it requires a special spacing plug that is at the end of the Wyze supplied cable. These normal USB will not fit, at least not in my tight outdoor lamp. I was looking for one that is female USB-A to male micro USB which is hard to find.

Oh that’s right, I almost forgot about that since I set mine up so long ago. I remember now! I ended up buying a huge pack of couplers to fix that issue:


You can buy just a single one in other places, but I figured a bunch would come in handy to extend other cords later. So I still used the regular cord that came with the Lamp Socket, then plugged the Male MicroSD cord into the female microsd coupler, then plugged the longer cord’s male USB-A into the coupler’s female USB-A port. Then I waterproofed the connection (there are several ways to do this…but bascially do something to prevent water getting on the coupler area), and that’s how I used the longer cords for my lamp sockets.

Sorry I forgot to mention that part. I set mine up a long time ago and totally forgot about that. Just make sure you get a coupler and a cord that both support data transfer too.

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THANK YOU! That was the missing piece.

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I appreciate your help tremendously. Hopping on over to purchase one now.

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I read in a different thread that when they used a longer cable (data capable), everything worked well except they were not able to perform updates with the 3rd party cable. If they wanted to perform the updates, they had to go back to using the original supplied shorter cable. Are you finding that to be the case as well? Thanks for all the help!

That is weird. I haven’t experienced or noticed this myself. I suppose it is possible in theory if there were firmware updates specifically for the lamp socket…but there aren’t any.

In general data transfer principles, sometimes as a cord gets too long it gets harder to transmit data that far, however, if the camera is able to control the lamp socket fine, then it should also be able to send a little firmware update to it too if needed.

But in this case, I don’t think there are any firmware updates for the Lamp Socket. I see firmware updates for the spotlight and the Floodlight accessories, but nothing for the lamp sockets is listed. So it doesn’t make sense to me. In that case, the only firmware update would be for the V3 cam itself, and all that would matter is that the cam had power since the update is coming through WiFi, not the cord. And if the camera can’t get the update because of the cord, then there must be some kind of weird power issue, which is strange if the camera functions fine when it’s not trying to update.

Anyway, I can’t see how a 3rd party cord in this situation could reasonably affect updates in any way. Seriously. If someone was having problems that way I would say it’s a rare exception and something else must be involved in that case. I wouldn’t worry about it. Half of my cams use third-party cords because they can go longer than the originals, and I don’t have problems with updates.

I suspect the reason it worked for them was less about the cord as it was about rebooting the cam (to switch cords) resetting the connection to the router to be fresh, and the different cord was just a coincidence…when the thing that actually helped them was rebooting the cam to have a fresh connection with the router.

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Thanks for your detailed reply! I’m not sure what they were referring to then if there haven’t been any firmware updates for the lamp socket itself.

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Great tip! What generic long cable did you use? Did you use the amazon type listed on your previous post? I have long cables already and was wondering if adding the adapter will solve this? Do I have to use a special Data/V3 type extension cable after the supplied lamp socket cable with your recommended adapter? THANK YOU!

I’m away from home at the moment, but yes, as I recall, I used one of the above listed cords on Amazon that are data capable.

Then you use the data capable coupler and the cord that came with the socket.

As long as everything between the socket and the camera is data capable then it shouldn’t really matter which cord or coupler you buy.

Thank you

I bought a 13 foot USB extension cable from amazon. Camera works fine but it cannot “see” the lamp socket.

How did you waterproof the connection?

The camera side has a sealed type connector and on the power side, the cable is plugged into the bulb socket housed inside the front door lamp glass enclosure. The camera is also under a awning protected.

Usually with self-fusing silicone tape like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B53HF93S

I actually usually prefer to buy it off Temu because you can get it for like $1.78 or less instead of $5. but you need an order total of at least $10 for free shipping and it takes at least a week to ship out, but you can get all sorts of cheap stuff like this on Temu if you have the patience. If not, there is always the EXACT SAME thing resold from the same suppliers on Amazon for 2.5x the cost or more.

Either way, I use that silicone tape to waterproof connections ALL THE TIME now, ever since @Newshound recommended it to me. It has been awesome for waterproofing connections like this. Just wrap it all around tightly. I do a sort of overlap over half of it so there is at least 2 layers everywhere and it sticks securely.