Wyze Cam Floodlight v3 Cam Hardwired?

Does anyone know if the v3 cam that comes connected to the PIR sensor on the Floodlight Cam can be detached? It looks like it’s hard-wired in. The PIR sensor is preventing me from getting the angle I want on the camera, so I would like to detach the camera and mount it separately if possible. Thanks!

It is not hard wired, there is a pigtail micro USB that plugs into the unit.
I am sure you knows this but just want to say it for passerby’s as well, The camera must be plugged into the Floodlight unit. Where the Floodlight is an accessory to the Camera.

Here are some pics that may help from a different thread.

Might suggest a dab of silicon on the screw thread if mounting in a different location off of the base is your only option.


You might want to add a second camera instead. It might be easier.

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