Wyze Floodlight - Support new cameras

Good morning - just a simple request to make the Wyze Floodlight compatible with the new Wyze V3 Pro cameras :slight_smile:

Thank you!

MOD NOTE Topic title generalized to “new cameras” from just the V3 Pro, to include at least the Pan V3.

Flood Lights Not Able To Replace/Upgrade Cameras

I purchased three floodlights to install around my house. For the most part they work great. Then the V3 Pro was released and I purchased about 9 of them to replace other v3 cams and to upgrade my flood lights with the pros so i could have the 2k resolution to find out that the floodlight v3 cams are hardwired to the fixture. I was really disappointed to find this out. Not only would it cost 3x more to replace the entire fixture in the event of a camera failure but there is no way to upgrade them to better cameras as they are released.


good to know. was trying to see if I could replace the floodlight cam with the latest Pan v3 cam. seems like that is a no.


Do Not Hardwire Flood Light Camera

I purchased three Wyze camera floodlights which have the V3 camera installed. Then the V3 Pro camera came out and I ordered 9 in my first order to replace existing V3 cameras and to upgrade the floodlights with the Pros so I could have the 2K video quality. Unfortunately I found out that tat is not possible since the cameras are hardwired to the floodlight. I was disappointed in that the cameras cannot be upgraded or that they could not be replaced in case of a failure. One would have to replace the entire floodlight fixture if the camera or the lights failed. Is there a way to upgrade them to the V3 Pros or am I out of luck with that? If that’s the case then I would like to see the design changed so that the lights and cameras are separated and each could be purchased separately or bundled together.

please add compatibility support for the cam pan v3 to replace regular v3 for floodlight

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Will the Wyze Cam Floodlight ever support the V3 Pro cameras?

I understand there’s an issue with making the connection between the Floodlight and the V3 Pro waterproof… but, the user can come up with a solution to that on our own.

We just need the Firmware to support it.

How about a floodlight with Cam Pan camera instead of fixed camera?


Combine the floodlight with cam pan v3

Is there a way to mount the cam pan v3 onto the floodlight instead of the cam v3? Being able to have a panable camera with the floodlight would be of great use.