Floodlight camera replaceable?

I have a couple of the Floodlights around my house, and one of them has failed in such a way that I believe the camera died. The moment you power up the floodlight, the speaker starts making crackling, popping and buzzing noises. The reset button on the camera is non-responsive.

Is there a way to simply replace the camera? The unit is now out of warranty, and while it’s not a big deal to buy a new unit, the mounting position is difficult and a camera swap would be a lot easier to manage.

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Yes, you can replace the camera on the Wyze Flood light.
There is a screw under the camera on the base, unscrew that and remove the camera. Then pull the pigtail out of the floodlight (it takes a little force). Once removed you can add a new V3 to it and setup teh camera new with accessory. (Only the V3 works with the Wyze Flood light, as the Floodlight is an accessory to the V3 camera).

I took pictures in this thread for something unrelated, but you will get an idea of how the camera comes off with this pics.

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Excellent, thanks! That’s what I had hoped based on looking at the floodlight unit when installing it, then when it died on me.

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