Motion Sensor on Floodlight

Have a new V3/Floodlight and love it. However, the motion sensor (below the camera) is taking on water. Can’t be good. Anyone know where this water is coming from? Can’t find any obvious spots for a leak.

Welcome to the forum @swainhomephone! Just so happens I had one sitting next to me and I have installed them as well.

In my opinion, and that is just as a consumer/user of Wyze products. There are two areas that I could see outside of a sealing issue around the sensor itself.

  1. Where the camera plugs to the base… but that has some serious depth and a really good seal.

  2. The USB port for an extra Camera. This is a pretty good seal as well… if properly inserted.

The base the camera sits on has no areas I could see that could seep, and the camera screw mount is sealed past the threads.

I would guess the two primary places to look would be a faulty seal at the globe, or the usb silicon stopper properly inserted at the USB port.


Thanks for your observation. I’ll check those out.


Report back if you find anything. I know the maven team would love to know about this if we see any issues pop up elsewhere.


My floodlight sensor is about 1/3 full of water. There has to be a flaw somewhere. I have the extra camera. So, the USB port is plugged up.

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I am sorry this happened, I would definitely contact support on this, they may also want it back to see what happened.