Flood light camera off line

My Flood light camera lost connection 6 months ago. Found out that the connection from the power supply to the camera was not good. I pulled out the little white cable from the back of the motion sensor/ power supply and proceeded to plug it in and out several times to get a good connection. Then pushed it in good and tight and that fixed my problem. The other night it happed again. I fixed it the same way. Yesterday it happened again after a rain. Today I fixed it again the same way, but realized that my motion sensor is facing down. I think water is running down the cable and into the back of the sensor/power supply causing the problem, so I adjusted the sensor to a more vertical position. Hope it works more than a few days this time.

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You might want to invest in some non-adhesive silicone tape for exposed connections and silicone sealant for where you think it is getting into the sensor.