Floodlight/Cam repeated failures

I’ve given up on my floodlight camera. The sound is not comprehendible, the sensors are hit and miss, it disconnects from Wi-Fi. The latest was just last week while I was on vacation and I had no visual security monitor of my driveway, I had to reset the floodlight sensor to ON so IT would at least work at night. (My Ring doorbell shows it lighting up.) I have 3 floodlight/cameras and even though there are problems with all of them, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Once I got home, I tried resetting it over and over and it won’t connect to Wi-fi. I went through all the steps including Wi-Fi strength and powering off and on. I just had my first annual renewal for services. Any last suggestions before I dump it and go with another company?

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Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your floodlight cameras, I have had mine since December 2021 and i also experienced issues in the first few months.

I’m happy to say that my floodlight camera is probably one of my most reliable devices!

Unfortunately this is how most wyze cameras are, this is one of Wyze’s biggest issues with their cameras; the audio is very bad. I don’t really even listen to audio but when I need it the camera can barely pick up voices and theirs constant feedback into my cameras

Question: how is your floodlight set to turn on? By pir sensor, camera , or sound detection? You can check this by going to the floodlight camera > open live view > top right gear icon > accessories > floodlight > floodlight control

What is it exactly failing to do? Turn on when you walk out in front of it or delay to turn on when you’re pulling into the driveway? Please go into detail

I have had mine for over a year and I would experience the camera going offline about once or twice a month the first 6 months I installed it.
This was when I was using my internet service provider’s (ISP), equipment. Given the gateway (modem + router = gateway) was in my living room and the floodlight camera was on the outside of the wall from where my gateway was placed it would produce the error code 90 and go offline.

A work around that I did was to replace the switch that was controlling the floodlight with a wyze switch. So whenever the floodlight camera would go offline , I could turn off the switch via the app and wait a few seconds and then turn it back on and that would do a hard reset to the device and my camera would come back up. This definitely came in handy whenever I was away from home or when I was far away from the switch to physically hard reset it myself. I know you shouldn’t have to do all of these things to get your devices to work but I’m just offering advice.

I would check to see how many bars of signal strength the floodlight camera is getting . Settings > device info > signal strength.

It also might come in handy to know what kind of equipment you are using , once I upgraded to a mesh WiFi system my issues improved. I definitely have better connectivity now.

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Thank you for your response. I will try your suggestions, starting with an updated router. Even though my current router is a good one, it is over 5 years old and not a mesh router. I never considered the switch option and since the floodlight/cam is hardwired to a switch in the garage, I like this suggestion, as well. I have reset the sensor’s sensitivity many times and it works for a while and then it doesn’t. I bought the new zoom camera and I plan to place it where it can augment my floodlight/cam’s detection of unwanted activity in my front yard/driveway. Hopefully your good suggestions will be successful. Thank you, again.