Replace Wyze cam flood light camera

The Wyze cam flood light camera v3 isn’t looking sharp. I was wondering which cam to replace it with. Can the Wyze cam pan v3 replace the floodlight cam v3. If so, does it require an extra cable adapter and fitting?

No. Since the Floodlight is an accessory to the V3 built into the Firmware, the V3 Cam is the only model that can control the Floodlight.


Yep, v3 is the only camera that will work. Not v3 pro or pan v3.

I believe you can pull the wire out of the back of the camera (it takes some strength, I have never done it), and pop it into the new cam.

You may want to try cleaning the lense before replacing though.


I wondered if the “garage door controller cable splitter” would work with the pan v3. I haven’t seen the pan v3 so I’m not sure?

The PanV3 cannot control the Floodlight. It can only be powered by the secondary USB port on the back of the floodlight. But that is for power only, they are not connected in the App. It will also not control the Garage Door Controller. Only a V3 can do that since the Garage Door Controller is an Accessory to the V3 built into its Firmware.

Also, the PanV3 cannot use any power cords that are used on the V3 cam unless you have already purchased the 6 inch pigtail power adapter that comes with the Outdoor Power Adapter V2.

The Pan V3 has a purpose built proprietary plug well on the bottom of the cam that requires a 90° male microUSB. The cord shipped with the cam has this on one end with a male USB A on the other to plug into the Power Adapter or other USB 2.0 plug like that on the back of the Floodlight. The 6 inch pigtail adapter has the 90° male microUSB terminating to a female microUSB that will plug into standard microUSB cords shipped with the V3.



Can any camera replace a floodlight v3 camera. I would like a spotlight added to the floodlight? I’ve tried a Cam v3 with spotlight but it doesn’t seem to work.

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Can any camera replace a floodlight v3 camera?

I would like a spotlight added to the floodlight. I’ve tried a Cam v3 with Spotlight but it doesn’t seem to work.

I tried the V3 Cam and it didn’t work,

No. It Must be a Wyze Cam V3 only.

I don’t believe you can have two accessories installed to the same cam. Both the Floodlight and the Spotlight are accessories that are installed to the V3 Cam.

If your replacement V3 has already been installed to your account, I believe you have to run a new setup \ install routine for the floodlight or add the connected Accessory thru the “Accessories” settings menu for the cam if it is already connected to the floodlight.

I have never done a cam swap on a floodlight nor tried to run two accessories off of one cam. Perhaps one of the other @Mavens has experience with this.


I concur with you on all accounts.


I agree 1,000%. I believe you are correct on every count


I will be the third Maven to confirm that you are 100% correct on all of the above. Well said.


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Best you can do is add an additional V3 with Spotlight using the additional USB port on the floodlight as shown here.