Powering Cam Pan v3 with Wyze cam floodlight

Hello. I have a Wyze Cam Floodlight and a Wyze Cam Pan v3. I want to plug the Cam Pan into the USB power port on the floodlight. However, I want to mount them about 15’ apart. I bought a USB extension cable to add on to the usb power cable that came with the Cam Pan and this had issues. So then I bought a 16.4’ flat USB power adapter from Amazon that said it works with the Wyze Pan v3. This powers the camera but the device eventually goes offline. Sometimes within a few minutes, sometimes after a few days. The camera still moves and tracks, but in the app it will say it is offline. My wi-fi strength is fine in this location. From reading online, it says that power cables over 16’ can cause this issue. So I purchased a 15’ cable and this one works even worse. The status light on the Cam Pan turns on and eventually goes from red to blue, there’s a clicking sound, and then the process starts over.

Long story, but does anybody have any solution for this sort of situation? Aside from being under 16’ and having microUSB on one end and USB-A on the other end……are there power specifications I should be looking for?

For the Pan Cam V3: Power Adapter Output: 5V/2000mA
From the flood light: Ports 2 USB Ports 1 port for Wyze Cam v3 1 port for an additional Wyze Cam v3
For the V3: Power Adapter: Indoor 5v/1A

So, the floodlight probably doesn’t provide enough power for the Pan V3 (1A vs 2A).

You’re going to need a different power source.

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It is true that the length of the cord can make a difference…the longer the cord, the more power that is dropped along the way. However, not all cords are created equal. Some cords are better quality and hold the amps farther than other other cords of the same length. It is even possible for a longer cord to outperform a shorter cord in different cases simply because it is a better quality and doesn’t drop as much power so fast.

Some people have reported being able to use the Pan V3 with the Floodlight cam, but it is cutting it close for the minimum power needs. Long cords are likely to make the situation worse. I’m told it works fine with the cord that comes with the Pan V3, and some other higher quality cords will likely be okay too if they aren’t too long, but it all depends on whether the cord in question can get enough amps to the Pan V3.

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