Wyze spotlight camera

Looking at the wyze spotlight camera and watching some videos on youtube and its a Wyzecam V3 light base mounted on the spotlight frame. Would it be possible to purchase one of the spotlight camera units and replace the V3 light with the new Wyzecam V3 Pro. I understand the V3 Pro has a built in spotlight but if possible would like to use it with the larger floodlights. Is the spotlight on the V3 Pro very bright? I guess i need to go to youtube and find some posted videos. Thanks

In your title it says spotlight and in the tag it says floodlight

This is the spotlight

And this is the floodlight

Which accessory are you talking about ?

The spotlight that you can mount on top of the v3 or the floodlight accessory?


The V3 Pro is not compatible with the floodlight. The floodlight uses a special version of the V3 only.


Yea, the v3pro is currently not compatible with the spotlight, lamp socket, GDC, or lamp socket accessories. You can however use some of these devices for powering the camera, just not for Smart Control.

If your wondering about the floodlight, you must use the included v3 for control, but you can plug the pro into the back of the floodlight (usb port) and just use the floodlight for powering the pro, but control it with the v3