Can Wyze Floodlight power a Wyze cam v3 WITH Spotlight?

Can the Wyze Floodlight with an attached second Wyze Cam v3 power the second wyze cam v3 with a spotlight?

Basically I want my second wyze cam (attached to my wyze floodlight) to be pointed around the corner of the house and give it the spotlight as well.

Let me know if anyone has tried this and got it working!

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Welcome to the forum @yellowcustard!

It would appear so.,. I personally do not have a use case for this, but tested per your question because it made me curious. The spotlight worked (I was able to toggle it off and on many times in my testing) attached to the Floodlight USB connector designed for an additional camera.


Now that’s a response and proof!

@R.Good I’m going to start asking you if mythical creatures like Bigfoot exist. If nothing else I know you’ll come back with proof if they do!!! Well done!

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If there is a Bigfoot the Floodlight with Spotlight will surely capture it… Pet or Person is the real question.

I was blind for a good 5 minutes after that test… :wink:

Wow thank you so much for the quick response and photo!

I’m going to buy the spotlight and install it tomorrow!

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