Floodlight USB wont power an OG?

I have a Wyze Cam Floodlight and would like to use the USB port in the back to power a Wyze Cam OG for its spotlight feature around the corner. For some reason, the USB port wont power the OG. Its tested and works with a wall adapter. I contacted support and they said it only works with a Wyze Cam v3 and the spotlight attachment but thats more than I need or have on hand. Can anyone explain why the port isnt able to power an OG but can a v3 w/ spotlight attachment? Or do I just have a faulty Floodlight that support doesnt want to admit?

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I believe Wyze Support may have been misunderstanding what you were asking.

This sounds to me like they were talking about the Primary USB that must run a Cam V3 for the Floodlights, which are Accessories, to work.

One possibility is that the 2nd USB Port on the Floodlight, the Auxillary Power USB, only delivers 5V 1A power. Because the OG Cam has an integrated Spotlight, it requires more power. It ships with a 1.5A Power Adapter. The OG Cam may not be getting enough power from the USB.

Do you have a device that can test the power output on that port? I haven’t tested it yet but it is on my to do list.

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Ive searched the forum before posting and found that it is possible for the wyze cam v3 with spotlight to be powered by the auxiliary USB but if thats the possible, why wouldnt the OG, right?


I dont have a device to test the power output unfortunate. Please do share your findings when you do!

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I was able to test this using a NIB Floodlight V1, an OG-S Cam, and a V3 Cam.

First, a load test of the Floodlight V1 Auxillary USB-A port on the back of the PIR Sensor.

Operating without load, the port produces 4.92V.

Under load at 2.2 Ohms, the port drops Voltage to approximately 3.9V while allowing between 1.6A and 1.8A current draw.

Under load at 4.7 Ohms, the port drops Voltage to approximately 4.2V while allowing between 0.8A and 1.0 A current draw.

The V3 Cam powered by the port, thru 2 Power Cycles, dropped voltage to a consistent 4.6V while drawing up to 0.33A on startup but maintaining a consistent 0.24A while operating.

The OG Cam powered by the port, dropped the Voltage to a consistent 4.8V while drawing about 0.24A

While activating the Spotlight, it dropped the Voltage to about 4.5V while drawing about 0.40A

While activating the Spotlight and the Siren, it dropped the Voltage to about 4.3V while drawing about 0.80A

Conclusion: The Auxillary Port on my Floodlight V1 was fully capable of operating my OG Cam. Load tests indicate it can handle Amp loads nearing 2.0A, although doing so will result in a considerable loss in voltage.

What I did find was that the port itself is EXTREMELY difficult to get the USB fully seated to allow power to flow. It took considerable effort to get the USB plug fully seated into the port and initially failed because the plug was not fully inserted.


What I did find was that the port itself is EXTREMELY difficult to get the USB fully seated to allow power to flow. It took considerable effort to get the USB plug fully seated into the port and initially failed because the plug was not fully inserted.

Wow very in depth test @SlabSlayer. Thank you! Good to know its capable of powering an OG and that its more of a manufacturing issue with the port. Did you have to do anything other than apply additional force to keep the plug intact?

Not so much more force as making sure the plug was fitting squarely into the port. It is an exceptionally deep USB Port. I don’t believe that it is a manufacturing defect but a designed feature so that the plug fits into the port securely and seals out weather. It took much more wiggling and pressure before it slid all the way in and seated securely.

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My experience was slightly different but was able to get it to eventually work. This took a ton of plugging and unplugging to the point where I felt like I was going to pull the wire apart from the USB male end! I’ve gotten it seated securely multiple times but would still fail to power the cam. Tried wiggling while securely seated and still nothing. The “sweet spot” for me (with some wiggling) is about 98% in before the plug is fully seated. Once its fully seated, the cam would either not connect or disconnect. Very frustrating when on a ladder and the plug is in the back. The first day that I finally got it to work, it disconnected the OG after a few hours possibly due to wind or some kind of movement. Considered hot gluing or caulking the plug to the housing but I would have to disassemble the floodlight from the wall to do it and even then, that slight movement might disconnect from the sweet spot; gluing them together for nothing.

Thanks for all your help @SlabSlayer! Glad I was still able to use the two products together.


Glad you got it working. I am wondering if there might have been some moisture that got into the plug well and corroded the contacts on the floodlight USB recepticle.

That I am not sure, however, I have not removed the protective USB cap until these recent attempts.

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