Can the Wyze Cam floodlight provide power to a Wyze Cam OG bundle

Can the Wyze Cam floodlight provide power Wyze Cam OG Bundle via the USB port (along with the power required by the mounted V3?)

So a total of 3 cams, the mounted V3, and the Wyze Cam OG Bundle (OG Standard & OG Telephoto)


Yes I believe so.

I forgot where I heard or read this from but the back usb port can power up an OG camera and the telephoto camera bundle.

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Yes, I also remember reading this somewhere. The floodlight extra USB port is suitable for both OG cams on the splitter, but it won’t be able to use them for control, just power.


Wyze has indicated previously that the Floodlight will power a PanV3.

The PanV3 requires a 2amp power adapter whereas the OG bundle only requires a 1.5amp power adapter. Since the two OG bundle requires less power than the single PanV3, which will work, l would think the 2 OG cams would be fine.