Wise Cam Pan as second camera for Floodlight?

Can I connect a Wyze Cam Pan v3 (or any other model) as the secondary camera powered by the original Wyze Floodlight Cam?


If by secondary camera, you mean that it will be the only camera using the Micrso-USB port, then the answer is a reserved Yes.

The reason I worded it that way is that Wyze employees have said it can support the Pan V3 and Wyze’s tech specs that I saw in the past said that the USB port puts out 2.1 amps and the Pan Cam and V3Pro only use 2 amps (The V2, V3, and OG are rated for 1 amp each).

Therefore, it will technically support any of those camera models.

The reason I said it is a reserved “yes” is that I have heard some people have struggles when trying to run a Pan Camera off the USB port, struggles that strongly correlate with “insufficient power” glitches, but then camera will then run perfectly fine when plugged into the adapter it came with instead.

So, in theory it should work, and I believe some people have had success using 2 amp cameras on it, but some people have reported struggles, so it might not be worth taking the chance. The 1 amp V2, V3, and OG cameras definitely work fine on the USB port though. :+1:


Slight correction to that. The wall warts that come with the cameras are one amp or two amps, but the cameras draw less than that amount. Over the years MANY posts here on the forum that have actual measured power draws on various cameras.


Oh good info. I have never really paid attention to the actual draw, just the official specs. I do know people have reported that in standby they use way less than normal, but there are times it will draw a lot more. For example, a pan camera trying to use the motor and speaker at the same time jacks the power use up a ton higher, sometimes causing it to bug out if there isn’t enough power to draw from. V3’s have been known to have similar issues when they are put on a really long 3rd party cord…they might work totally fine until someone tries to use the 2-way, then they can’t get enough power and the whole camera will freeze and sometimes disconnect or reboot, but they’ll work fine when they get enough power. I haven’t really checked what the fluctuation range is though, I just always assumed it uses close to the maximum in certain situations, but usually uses less during standby times.

So it’s possible that any cams will work fine on this Floodlight port until they need a lot of power and then glitch out. I’m not sure. Haven’t really tested it myself (though I do have some testers that could tell me if I get around to trying it out), I’m just reporting what others reported experiencing. I know you’re really good with all the electricity/electronic stuff though, and would be one of the people I would be asking and trusting about these details.

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Thanks @carverofchoice & @K6CCC, this is very useful. I think I’ll give it a try, and if it doesn’t work will have to find another solution to power the second camera high up near the roof (which I probably want to do whether this works or not).


I still haven’t found a solution to make my v3 work on the 2nd port of the floodlight. I would like to ask some that has success what their floodlight+v3 settings are. I’m thinking maybe the v3 floodlight is drawing more power that it doesn’t have enough for the 2nd port. Maybe for example they use 360p instead of HD recording or maybe they don’t have continuous recording on it to reduce power consumption? I don’t know I’m just theorizing but I am no engineer of Wyze.

I swapped out my v1 floodlight for a pro when they launched, so it’s been a few months for me now, but I definitely used HD recording on the camera. I don’t remember the other settings though :frowning:

I know my brightness settings were lower because my wife didn’t like it reflecting in our bedroom window so brightly every time our cats walked by.

I don’t recall all the other settings, but I would expect those shouldn’t make a difference in this case. The reason I say that is that the power is coming directly from the AC power cord, not a downscaling adapter. So the Floodlight should for sure be getting enough power for all it’s needs unless they designed it really strangely, which I guess is possible and would explain why some people report having struggles getting enough power through the USB port. That would definitely be bad design if it is the case.