Adding spotlight to 2nd v3 (floodlight)

I have a 2nd camera attached to a floodlight. Is it possible to add a spotlight to the 2nd camera?

Yes, you can add the spotlight to that 2nd camera. I installed the spotlight on neighbor’s Wyze floodlight 2nd camera and it works great. I verified it would work through Wyze prior to install!


Thank you for your quick response. I thought it should work but it isn’t. I’ll contact Wyze. Thanks again.

What’s not working about it? Is it not showing up in the accessories menu on the secondary cam? Make sure your using included data capable cables

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I’m hoping it’s just an internet problem.

As IEatBeans stated, make sure you are using the Spotlight cables that were included - it will not work otherwise!
In a couple of Spotlight installs I had to push connections really hard to make full contact and get power - it was not working prior to that. In all 5 spotlight installs, each worked once connection was established!
When you have power, that Spotlight will come on and go off. It will then show up in the app for that camera and the Spotlight icon will show allowing you to cut on / off manually.


If your 2nd camera is working, it is not an Internet Connection issue - as stated, it sounds like you are not getting power!

And just for visual validation


I tried this and it didn’t work

I used the cable that came with the spotlight . It turns on when I first insert the cables but then shuts off the spotlight and the camera does NOT recognize the spotlight accessory whatsoever

But the spotlight does come on when I install it to the camera.

I’ve restarted the camera , cleared app cache , force quit app . I flipped the floodlight switched off and back on to do a quick little hard reset. I restarted the floodlight .

But nothing whatsoever , again the floodlight comes on when I connect it to the camera with the cables but the v3 does not recognize the spotlight at all .

This sucks

You mention both spotlight & floodlight in your post which begs this question. Are you connecting the spotlight to a separate camera that is powered via the 2nd USB port on the floodlight? This is the way it is done and should work - I have installed 6 spotlights and they have all worked flawlessly!
If this is not your configuration, please detail it here. The “Floodlight” & “Spotlight” are totally different units.

I have the floodlight

I added another v3 by powering it via the back usb port on the floodlight

That 2nd v3 being powered by the back usb port is the camera that I am installing the spotlight on

The camera did not want to recognize the spotlight accessory for a week until last night when it randomly recognized it

So yes it’s fixed now , not sure why it didn’t recognize it at first but now it did

Glad it’s working for you now. Must have been a Gremlin - LOL!

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