Need help adding equipment

New here… Pardon me for my ignorance lol but I have one outdoor V3 spotlight cam…I would like to add 2 more cameras outdoors but have NO CLUE what equipment I would need to do that… Obviously I need 2 cameras… With lights… But are they wired? If so do they need outlets? How does it hook into the first one? Or does it not need to be hooked into the first one? If not, will my app still pick up on the new ones? Help! I have no clue what I’m doing lol!!

Do you have a Floodlight cam or a V3 with the optional add on spot light? If you have a Floodlight cam you can add one more V3 to it via the USB port. For addition cams with “Lights” you can install a V3 with the add on spot light, a V3 PRO that has a integrated LED spotlight as I believe the OG camera has also.
All other cameras are wired (Except the WCO) so you need to plug them in indoors or in a weather proof outdoor outlet. The floodlight is installed in via hard wiring to the correct box.
Flood Light with two cams:


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Besides the Floodlight, the Spotlight that you mentioned are the only two add on lights Wyze offers and they only work with the Wyze Cam V3.

Wyze does offer two cams that have integrated spotlights on the face of the cam. The OG S (Standard) and the V3Pro.

The only cams that Wyze makes that don’t need to be plugged into power constantly are the Wyze Cam Outdoor battery operated cams, but they operate much differently than your V3 cam.

You can add as many cams as you like into the app. They all operate independently of each other and only need power and a WiFi connection. They don’t even need to be at the same location.

Which cam you choose will depend on your requirements and price point.