Where is the wyze cam outdoor floodlight?

So im a new wyze cam customer and this is my first sitting within these forums.
I find it very troubking that the wyze cam v3 offers the floodlight accessory thats triggered by motion but it seems to me that most of the peolle who purchase the v3 are gonna be prone to havinf them mounted indoors, or perhaps set up in windows for an outside view. So i would think that there woukd be MUCH LESS need for a flood light for the v3 whereas, like myself, people who purchase the outdoor cam would be mre prone to needing the floodlight accessory where cameras will be more likely to be set in darker environments.
Is it possible that we can have one put on the market because i would be willing to bet there would be a MUCH higher demand for them than for the v3 version.being that we coukdnt connect the floid kight itself to the camera, the design should match that of the v3 floodlight where ut just attaches to the top anfmd amhave arechargeable battery and motion sensor so that whenever something triggers it, it will add increased visuals on whatever alerted the sensor and course it will be easier to see what your canera is then viewing.
I kniw i cant be temge inky inw whis thought of this and i HAVE NI DOUBT that they will sell better than the v3s. If anyone out there has been hoping for this as well PLEASE SPEAK AND leave your name so that maybe someone will listen and we can purchase them as soon as they are availabe

The Outdoor Camera can be put in Night Vision mode, where it will illuminate the moving object with IR light at night.

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The v3 cam is outdoor rated, the only difference between it and the outdoor cam is the outdoor cam is battery powered. A floodlight would drain the battery very quickly. Like said above the IR feature is built into both cams, and does a great job at night.

The fact that the outdoor cam doesnt require a power source is what I figure peooles reasoning for using it as an external surveilance source as opposed to the v3. It would be much easier for a crook to disable the v3 whereas theres NO wiring going to the outdoor cam. Hence MY REASONING for purchasing them over the v3. Now with that said, i KNOW im not the only person who wheighed those options. And with the ACCESSORY FLOODLIGHT, you simply do the same thing you did with the camera itself,… add a small rechargeable battery to it and a motion sensor.

And the flood light would also act as a sort of deferral. Perhaps, a last warning to someone that they ARE being recorded so maybe it would dissuade them from commmitting any criminal acts and save themselves that trouble.

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Hey thanks for the info

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