Outdoor Light Fixture Camera (Spotlight / Floodlight)

Outdoor cameras pose several issues, most of which, like weatherproofing or mounting can be solved as shown by member contributions. Power is the biggest issue. By sandwiching a wyze “outdoor light base” between the electrical box and a light fixture of the user’s choosing, access to power, weatherproofing, and securing the camera can all be achieved. The competition has high cost cameras, minimal choices for fixture styles for some brands, and most importantly, high monthly fees. Making a mounting base and fitting a wyze cam mounted in the base along with a 5V power supply would fit the need for many and be of comparatively low cost and high functionality.

Are you pitching a sale or recommending an outdoor mount? Wyze has a mounting kit available and are currently working on an outdoor camera.

I believe @SilentGuy is asking for Wyze to develop a combo camera-light-fixture product similar to what Kuna has, but at a much more Wyze-like price point.


Oh okay. For a few minutes I was confused. :slight_smile:

On that note it’s time to go to bed haha. Have a good night.

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Yes, although making an entire fixture would probably require too high a manufacturing and distribution cost for the variety of fixtures. I was actually thinking more along the lines of a Toucan (couldn’t think of the name before) - an add-on between the electrical box and an existing or new fixture that would allow for a/c power to an enclosed power adapter and a camera. The actual camera circuitry might even be the same as existing products just in a specialized housing.

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I was just looking that up it’s pretty sneaky. And the price isn’t too bad considering the camera comes with it. But it would be cool if Wyze could make a similar mount. Or allow it to tie into the hard wiring with the fixture. With the design and such, I’m not sure how much more cheaper they can do that 159$ which is the lowest kuna light camera.

Also their regular cameras are not meant to be outdoors. But, maybe when the outdoor camera comes, it will have the option. There are unlimited potentials with Wyze in the future!


I have four Wzye Camera and couldn’t be happier with them, your product is great. But rather than following what everyone else has done, how about we think outside the box a little. One of my cameras is set up looking a the front door, the problem is after dark car headlights shining on the side of the building tells the camera there is motion and I get an alert. Would it be possible to use proximity sensor instead of motion sensors, then a car moving or a headlight flash won’t set off the camera? I don’t think it’s necessary for all cameras but it would be great for the front door. I know this would mean hardware instead of just software, so price is going to be the deciding factor.


It would require additional hardware most likely. Even proximity definitions are based on motion. They would have to change the algorithm of how they detect motion or add additional hardware.

@frozeninEdmonton, I’d suggest taking a read through the post below. There is discussion there from Wyze about the use of PIR in the upcoming outdoor camera:

Since you are working on an outdoor camera, what about one that comes built-in with motion sensor lights? This would make both the cams and motion sensor lights as one unit. You can have make both the flood light types and the wall sconce types.

The power source would already be in the wall where the light is mounted and the light housing would already be waterproof.

Just found out that my above post was moved to this post that is similar.
Creating a unit with both light and camera built-in would make it more convenient to install all at once. You want to make a product that is fairly easy to install for those customers who are not handyman types. Although it make cost a little, it should cost as much as the RIng equivalent ($249) .

Everyone is aware of doorbell cameras and can easily avoid them. A camera in a Porch Light provides all the features of a doorbell cam but is less obvious. The camera is also mounted higher and better attached to the property making it harder to tamper with. This could be Day/Night light or Motion Sensitive. The cam would have all the same features of the current Wyze cam. Wiring to the existing outside light makes installation easy.


Infrared motion detector unit as a separate unit -larger-rechargeable battery with capacity similar to your competitor with “sensor lighting”. The ”WyzeMotion” can trigger the cameras with rules to turn on as soon as motion is detected on specific cams. Infrared also turns on and assist cameras pointed that way for improved visibility.

In the daytime, the sensor detects light and only motion detection is activated, which also applies to the motion detected rule.

Can you guys add spotlights to cameras

I have an LED spotlight (inside behind glass) plugged into a smart plug that is connected to a smart sensor.

With the Wyze Cam camera you can turn off the infrared lights so that they don’t reflect into the glass.

All you need to do is put a Wyze Sense sensor outside under the eaves.

I love the Wyze v2 and want to step up home security and get a camera for the front door. It would be awesome if Wyze made a motion activated porch lamp with camera. I found a few online, but would love to stick to Wyze


Some of you may already know where im coming from with this one; Wyzecams and windows.
It’s the bane of any surveillance camera, window glare, especially from its own IR LED array.

So I would like to see an LED spotlight that could work in tandem with an assigned device, Have it turn on when the cameras night vision turns on, Or when a camera or sensor detects something.

The device could be something as simple as a little USB bridge controlled LED pod that holds a couple household batteries. A single D-cell can power a decent array for up to 20 hours; thats 6000 twelve second events! :wink: Or make one that directly plops into an outlet with an aimable head or something. At any rate, cheap to make, and very convenient.

Since the outdoor camera is supposed to be coming later this year (or so) it would be awesome to get a flood light camera. Basically take the outdoor camera add 2 LED flood lights, add in some logic that says if motion turn on lights and presto you got yourself another awesome product to add to your library! :slight_smile:

Make it happen (please)

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Too late.

I had an electrician extend a motion activated floodlight’s circuit to install an outlet for a Wyze cam. :grin:

Yes a motion sensor outdoor light with camera unit would be great. However, I wouldn’t want to have a built in LED but rather have a regular bulb socket where I can put in my own LED bulbs. The reason for this is that the LED lights burn out faster than their advertised 10, 20, 15 yr lifespan. If you check online, the reality is that the LEDs themselves can last that long but the electronics is what burns out sooner. So ultimately you would have to pay for a whole new flood light/camera unit. Also, by allowing us to install our own bulbs we can choose our own color temp, wattage, etc.


Deal me in! Please make a flood light with Wyze Cam built in. 5000k LED, photocell for always-on cam and floodlight only works when dark. I need 8 of these please to cover my property.