Wyze Flood Light?

Any word on whether Wyze will make a flood light?
Kind of like the Wyze Bulb, but a lot more powerful, and battery life like the Wyze outdoor Cam.

Just a thought … and I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere.


Hello @RonBevi and welcome to the community.

There is a #wishlist post for them that you can vote for

there is also this if you want a bulb without camera


I was actually thinking a flood light also except make it wireless like the outdoor cam & it can be recharged

Exactly … combine features of the outdoor Cam (extended battery life), and the Bulb (programmable). This could be 1 version. Another could be to add motion detection. Another could be to add camera capabilities.

i am looking for options for flood light and all options are costly. I am sure there is good market for flood light with (wired, motion detection, camera attached) featured product. I used x2 Wyze door locks and ordered x2 thermostats as well. I really like that the products are really good, and in-budget. I am little OCD and like to keep as few apps as possible. So, would like to wait if Wyze is start delivering doorbell camera, sprinkler and flood light. I think this is right time to go public as well, i would buy stock as well.