Any chance of an outdoor MD IR bulb/floodlight?

I have a request, that I’m sure a lot of us would want-A motion activated infrared floodlight/illuminating bulb that would “light up” an area. I keep my cameras indoor, looking out a window, and the lighting outside is dimly lit. I don’t want to disturb my neighbors with a visible flood light, I just need something I can mount outdoor, or put in a floodlight socket. Short of buying one on Ebay or amazon, if enough of us requested it, maybe the Wyze guys will build it. It wouldn’t have to have WIFI, just motion detection, as that alone would trigger the camera.Maybe also a timer feature as well, a simple mechanical one. Any thoughts?

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You really don’t need it to be motion activated. These things are reasonably low power that you can leave them on all the time. They do have a day/night photosensor so they only come on at night.

AliExpress has a wide variety of inexpensive IR Illuminators (that’s the search term to use btw). Something like this will completely light up an area at 850nm wavelength which is what I believe you want for Wyse cameras.

IP66 850nm IR Illuminator

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Define area please. I’ve one place with 4 V2’s monitoring the area and it’s about 100’ x 50’.
/edit - and @TheEggMan - have you bought and used the one you linked to?

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Yes, I have used this one (not sure it’s the exact same vendor I used because there are so many people on AliExpress selling these same units).

My yard isn’t 100’ deep, but I would say it would do a 50’x50’ foot area without an issue. Maybe out to 100’. That unit has 96 LEDs compared to what … three or four built into a Wyze Cam V2? If you’ve got 4V2s in a 50’x100’ area I would think that two of these would fit the bill.

I’d post you a pic but I’ve got my system all taken apart at the moment changing everything over to POE power and RTSP.

BTW - here’s the same unit from another vendor cheaper (because free shipping). AliExpress IP65 96 LED 850nm IR Illuminator

The copy on that unit says it goes out to 60m (roughly 190 ft) but we all know they tend to exaggerate by a factor of 2 or so. Still, these really light up the darkness in IR.

BTW - check me to be sure that the V2s want 850nm and not 940nm. Most sensors will work at both wavelengths but will be more sensitive at one or the other.

ETA - you’ll need a 12V 12W (1A) power source. I happened to have a couple of 12V multi Amp power bricks (like what you’d use on a laptop except 12V - most laptop bricks are 18~20V) that even happened to have the right plug, but if you don’t have something similar laying around you’ll have to buy something.

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Thanks for the input. I just need it to light up my carport.

Also, these should work well also:

AliExpress 6 LED IP65 850nm IR Illuminator

I have one of these, but I’ve never gotten around to trying it out. It has a few large high power LEDs versus many small lower power LEDs.

You also see these on Amazon for just a little more money if you don’t want to deal with AliExpress (I’ve literally bought 100s of electronic modules and components from them and had no issue but some feel more comfortable with Amazon understandably).

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Look on Amazon or AliExpress. They also have smaller units like this: AliExpress 66mm (2.5in) 850nm IR Illuminator. You can also find that on Amazon I believe.

I don’t have that unit so I can’t tell you any details but I would think it would be more than adequate to light up a garage, without overwhelming the camera.

In all cases I would mount these illuminators a number of feet from the camera as they do seem to attract insects to some extent and you don’t want them flying in front of your camera (which is the beauty of mounting the illuminator away from the camera rather than using the built in IR LEDs).

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I use a separate IR illuminator in the back yard and have the IR lights off on my camera. It works great. The one I use is Lonnky from Amazon. Works up to 100 feet.