Wyze Cam v3 IR Illuminator

Anyone have suggestions for an external IR Illuminator? We’re getting a lot of requests for some used in front of windows and plexiglass for pet areas. The areas generally are around 20’x20’ and the distance is from around 10’ ceilings to the pets on the floor. We also want a solution that we can tell the clients are safe for their pets. Thanks!

I have no idea about pet safety on these or any other Infrared devices but these are two that I have used for my cams for almost two years. They work well for me for both indoor and outdoor use. My dogs and cat don’t seem to even notice them.
Again- especially since you seem to need to represent to your clients about safety-I can’t answer that question!


Thanks, we’ve seen these while doing research and they seem to be good options. Thanks for sharing that your pets don’t notice them.

My problem is that insects trigger the motion sensor in my v2 cameras in outdoor enclosures. I’ll probably upgrade that one to a v3, but I don’t think that will solve the problem. So my thought is to install the Univivi illuminator recommended by Tomp a few feet away from the camera and disable the IR built into the camera. It may even allow me to install another camera inside a window. Thoughts?