Lights and cams turning on with motion then off on their own?

New to they Wyze system as of the last two weeks. Overall feels very easy to work, installs have been flawless. We have been trying to figure out how to set the rules/schedules/actions (not sure which it would be) of the cameras and having some hurdles though.

We have the floodlight+2nd v3 cam watching 2 areas of our front yard/driveway, and the lamp socket+v3 watching our backyard. What we would like them to do is between say 7a-7p just turn on the cams if there is motion, And then from 7p-7a to turn on the lights and cams when there is motion. But then we don’t want them to run the whole time frame, but to turn off after some amount of time (ie: a minute or so) after each detection.

I tried setting a rule for the lamp socket yesterday to turn on light/cam when motion was detected. It went on at the time, but there was no motion event record, and the light stayed on all night. It never turned itself back off.

Is there an easy way to do this with these devices? Am I thinking too hard and making this more complicated than they need to be? Is this even possible?

Thanks for any help!

I just purchased the wyze socket and v3 cam. I’m having the same issue. Have you figured it out yet?

Nope, nothing yet. I resorted to just having the lights turn on from 7p-7a and turning them off manually for the backyard if we’re still up, and leaving the front yard to stay on all night for now.

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping you had found a solution. I would really like to find a way that the lights come on only when motion detected.

I don’t think the floodlight or socket has the necessary settings to do what you want. The actual motion sensors do:

I was able to able to fix the problem. I had to first disconnect power to the camera and reconnect it at the camera itself. It was showing in settings not connected to socket. Then went to settings clicked on: Accessories
Clicked on : Lamp Socket (must show "Installed ")
Under: Lamp Socket Control I selected: Auto
Under: Turn On When
I Selected:
Motion Is Detected In The Dark
Then under Timer:
I selected 3minutes (just my preference). You can select however amount of time you want it to stay on after its been triggered by movement.
The main problem was that the camera didnt show connected to the socket. I hope this helps.

Its been over a week and the lights have been coming on everytime it detects movement. The light stays on 3 minutes and shuts back off. Has been working flawlessly.

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