Wyze Lamp Socket / Cam v3 not detecting motion after a day

Hi - In my garage I use the Cam v3 connected to the Wyze Lamp Socket. I have an additional Lamp Socket installed so that both of these lights turn on when the camera detects motion. The issue is that after about a day, the lamp sockets no longer turn on when I enter the garage for some reason. I verified that the power and switch controlling the lamp sockets is powered on and has not been touched. Additionaly if I check the camera feed it too is working fine. The only way I can get the motion detection to turn the light on when someone enters the garage is to manually power off the switch and then power it back on. After doing that it will work again for about a day. I have a rule that disables notification for the garage during the day, but nothing is disabling ‘detection’. Is my product defective?

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I have a similar issue, where the Wyze Cam v3 is set to control the lights to turn on at Sundown and Turn off at Sunrise. Everything looked good on day 1, but night 2 rolled around and they didn’t turn on. I too had to manually turn off and then turn back on the lights and then the lights all came on. I will try to set the motion setting tonight if they don’t come on and see. I have 4 light sockets but only 1 Cam v3 currently. I will let you know if I find anything…

So last night I got home and my light sockets hadn’t turned on again. I reset my light sockets and they all appeared to go off line. I waited a couple of minutes and they were no longer detected in my Cam v3. So I reset my Cam v3 and when it came on the lights all came on! I changed my settings over to motion detection and they turned off until I was in view and then they flashed right on (timer set to 1 min before turning off). I changed it to sound and couldn’t get them to come one with making a moderate amount of noise (tried not to be too noisy, it was late).

When I was going through the setup of the schedule i noticed that I hadn’t set the schedule up correctly to turn on the lights for my Cam v3 - it was just a generic one that was preset to disable notifications after sunset. So check your rules and make sure that what you actually want to happen is what you are setting the automation to do. I think I got mine all fixed up (I deleted the rules and setup new ones - making sure to pay special attention to what cam I was connected to and what light socket group I was configuring). This could be your issue too - hard to say. Just go over your rules with a fine tooth comb and make sure that it isn’t doing exactly what you asked it to do - even though it isn’t what you actually wanted.

Let us know if you find anything goofy in your settings or if you remove all the rules and setup new ones if that works for you. I will know tonight if that was my only issue.

With Rules corrected tonight’s camera turned on all lights as expected. Make sure you update your camera firmware and light socket firmwares and try to reboot each of them after they are showing back up from the firmware update. You very well could have a bad device if all your firmwares are updated and device options are correct and still not coming on with motion. Let us know if you find anything!

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Yes after reading your last message I checked the “Monitoring” rules for the home security - and it turns out the camera was being turned off (and thus motion was turned off) when the rule for “day” set the alarm system to “Disarmed”. I corrected that rule and it is worrking as expected! Thank you!

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Very nice! Learning new stuff can be tricky (as you can see from my own experience)! Glad you figured it out and that it wasn’t defective! We are all in this together! Take care of yourself!