My lamp socket stays on for 5 secs only and no longer detects motion

I’ve been a. Wyze customers since the beta beginning and love the products! I purchased the Wyze Lamp socket recently and loved that it detected motion with the new Wyze v3 but the detection has stopped working. If I manually turn it on and switch to auto the bulb only stays on for 5 secs (there is no 5sec count in the app) and turns off. I’ve made adjustments to the detection zone, sensitivity, added sound detection, coughed like a max person to trigger the detection but alas nothing has worked. ANY WORKAROUNDS before my urge to return the product???

Sorry your having issues with the lamp socket, have you tried checking the accessories > lamp socket setting for the cam? That’s where all lamp socket setting are found. You can enable motion detection and other settings in there.

Thanks! Yes I have which is where I find the auto, on and off settings for the plug. :frowning:

But it’s not turning on when it detects motion? Can you send a screenshot of the settings

How dark does it get there at night? If it’s not dark enough it may not trigger.

Also, are you seeing cloud events in the events tab when it should trigger the light?

What can I do to make it turn on for motion, regardless of the light level? (presumably at the camera)

That seems like very basic function, even more basic than turning on for motion but only when dark enough per some metric.