Wyze lamp sockets won't stay on?

I just set up a Wyze cam v3 with three linked lamp sockets to control my outdoor lights. My intent is to have the lights stay on during the evening hours and then be activated by motion the rest of the night. So I set up a rule to turn them on from sunset until 11pm and I also set them to turn on when motion is detected for 5 minutes. Easy, right?

The problem is that they only stay on for a few minutes even during the evening hours. Also, even if I manually turn on the lights in the app they only stay on as long as I am viewing that cam’s stream with the app open. If I close the app or view a different cam they turn off immediately.

What gives? Do I have some setting wrong or is this some bizarre ‘feature’ some software developer thought up? Or maybe a bug? Anyone else have this experience? Or hopefully a solution?

Welcome to the community @marka

Can you post the Rule(s) you are using so we can help?

Just from your example, it sounds like you need to setup a Rule from Sunset to 11pm as indicated and then another rule from 11pm to whenever you want it to end.


The rule I’m using is simply from sunset to 11pm “turn lamp socket on”. I’ve confirmed that it does not work when Lamp Socket Control is set to auto and motion detection enabled. There is no way to control this setting in a rule.

The socket also does not stay on when turned on with the icon in the app. It turns off when you stop viewing the cam.

Also, the socket can’t be turned on or off with Google Assistant.

These are serious limitations for my use.

@spamoni4 I have the same problem and I think I know why this happens.

Similar to @marka, I would like to set up my linked lamp sockets to stay on from a given time between 6pm and 11pm, while at the same time keeping motion detection on to alert me of any vehicles or persons walking up my driveway.

The problem is that the rules and scheduling do not allow us to control the “Lamp Socket Control” settings. So when I try to set the scheduling to turn “ON” the lamp socket at a certain time and turn “OFF” at a certain time, it doesn’t actually keep the lights on, but rather just turn it on for that specific time, and revert back to the “Lamp Socket Control”, which in my case is set to “AUTO”, which only keeps the lights on for 1 min and only turns it on when it detects motion.

The solution here would be to allow us to control the “Lamp Socket Control” settings via rules, which would align more with what we expect from scheduling a lamp socket.

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I will setup my socket and v3 and see what I can determine, if anything. Will post my results back later today.

Ok, so I hooked up my Socket and did a test here is what I did:

  • I made sure the setting of the socket was off first
  • Set a rule that said turn the light on at x time and off at y time. I set mine for 6:30am to 6:45am. Which worked fine
  • I then turned on my Notifications from the camera and was being alerted without affecting the socket / light turning off.

This is a little creative but should work as I do this for other devices:
Camera Setting

  • Turn off the Light Socket - Don’t put it on Auto
  • Turn on Notifications for the Camera. This will ensure you get notifications 24x7. Note: if you want to limit when you get notifications you can setup a rule to do that.

Rule 1 (Schedule Rule)

  • Turn the Light on at 6pm and off at 11pm

Rule 2 (Trigger Rule)

  • Trigger should be Motion detected with Camera the socket is connected to
  • Action should be Turn on a Wyze Plug (I have an extra one used to enhance rules)
  • Time should be set for 11pm to Sunrise or some time in the morning. or what ever you would like

Rule 3 (Trigger Rule)

  • Trigger should be Plug in Rule 2 goes on
  • Action should be Turn the Socket on
  • Time should be set for 11pm to Sunrise or some time in the morning. or what ever you would like (Same as Rule 2)

Rule 4 (Trigger Rule)

  • Trigger should be Plug in Rule 2 has been on for 1 minute (or whatever you want)
  • Action should be Turn off the Plug and Turn Off the Socket
  • Time should be set for 11pm to Sunrise or some time in the morning. or what ever you would like (Same as Rule 2)

I know there are a number of rules, but believe this should work as I just did it myself.

Thank you for this. I’m still a little confused though. When you say turn on plug is that referring to the lamp socket or a separate Wyze outdoor plug?

edit: Okay, I think I get it. It basically requires a separate wyze plug, not necessarily with anything plugged into it, in order to use it’s timer-based trigger, which the lamp socket does not have. Correct?

Also, why didn’t you combine rules 2 and 3 and turn on both socket and plug when motion is detected on cam? That would seem to accomplish the same thing with one less rule. Or am I missing something?

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No, it is actually a Wyze Smart Plug (Not the outdoor). The socket does not have a time on option where the plug does.

Sorry about the confusion.

Yes, correct. :slight_smile:

Good catch, you could have. I was working out what you could do. trying to come up with a solution in the moment.

Thanks! Just ordered the plugs and will give it a try when they arrive.

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Will be interested in your experience.

Hoping they will add the timer aspect to the socket: Has been on for and Has been off for.

Very clever. Borrowing part of a smart plug’s ‘smarts’ to make the lamp socket smarter. It seems like this technique could also be used to add Google Assistant/Alexa control to a lamp socket? That’s another thing that’s been missing.

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So with just the lamp socket, is there not a way to turn off the lights after they have been turned on due to motion rule for the wyze cam v3 camera? If not, is there a workaround? I have a rule to turn on lamp socket and turn on lights that socket is in at the house when motion detected however no way to turn them back off.