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Frustrated with Wyze software so far. I am a 30 year veteran software engineer, but can’t figure out how to set simple schedule for a lamp socket connected to V3 camera. For example: On at sunset, off at 10 PM. Any time an on/off rule is applied it only works for a couple minutes, then it reverts back to whatever mode is set in auto/on/off. Is this simple use case even possible?

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I think the confusion here is that the “Schedules” that are set for the Lamp Socket are actually Schedule Rules that run independently of the Lamp Socket settings and have no affect whatsoever in the “Auto” Behavior settings. They are not connected and can run concurrently.

So, if you have it in “Auto”, set for Sunset to Sunrise, Motion Detected in the Dark, or Sound Detected in the Dark, these will still continue to operate while the Schedule Rule(s) you create will also trigger as programmed in addition to the “Auto” settings.

If you set the Lamp Socket to ON 24\7, the Schedule Rule(s) will continue to operate and the “Auto” settings will not.

If you set the Lamp Socket to OFF 24\7, the Schedule Rule(s) will continue to operate and the “Auto” settings will not.

So, to execute your Schedule Rule (On at sunset, off at 10 PM) while not allowing the Lamp Socket to automatically react to motion or sound in the dark or be on from sunset to sunrise, you need to place the Lamp Socket in the OFF position and let the Rule only control the bulb.

Thanks for help, I finally got this to work. If I set to off mode and use rules to turn on/off it works. Auto does not work with rules. I think with auto, any motion detection will trigger timer that turns lamp off. It is impossible to have lamp on from sunset to say 9 PM, then motion detection triggered only after 9 PM. It must be auto or schedule, but not mix. I was also confused since there appears to be a bug that turns lamp off when I open the settings page for lamp socket, lamp goes off, but nothing in Rules history.


Glad you found a solution!

You are correct. It can’t be done with a combination of the Lamp Socket “Auto” and Rules because both would remain active and conflict since the Lamp Socket “Auto” can’t be restricted to stop at a specific time other than Sunrise. But, it can be done using Rules exclusively, two of them.

There won’t be anything in the Rules History because when the V3 Cam turns the Lamp Socket On and Off per the Lamp Socket Settings, it is happening locally on the cam Firmware and not thru the Rules Engine on the Server. The Rules History is what commands the Server has executed when it fires a Rule.

The Cam is turning off the Lamp Socket when you open those settings because it is set to Off and the Cam firmware is being triggered by the App to load those settings. If you had the Socket Off and the setting was set to On, it would turn On the Socket when you open the settings. It would react the same if you were to toggle the settings On and Off while in there. The socket would turn on and off. Because there is no linkage between the Rules Engine and the Lamp Socket Settings, neither knows what the other did last or what state it left the Socket it. Each controls the Socket independently and oblivious to the other.

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I thought I had the schedule working for lamp socket by setting to “off” and using rules to control, but it eventually reverts back to off at some point. It immediately reverts if I open the app or if app is already open, if I open the camera view. Also, it will revert back at random time even if the app is never open. So, it looks like it is impossible to have a very simple use case of turning on at sunset and off at a specific time (e.g. 9PM). Basically, schedules/rules do not work at all with lamp socket. It seems that the lamp socket should have 2 choices for “Lamp Socket Control”- Auto or Scheduled. It should not have an On/Off.

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What firmware version is the V3 running?

Something must have changed recently in the Firmware that is creating an issue. There is also another user that is reporting similar issues with the current Socket state being overridden when the Live Stream has been opened and then closed.

I am using mine with the Socket Settings, Auto Sunrise\Sunset, on motion when dark, but I have a Trigger Rule that will also activate them when a contact sensor opens. I tested mine after the Rule executed to turn them on, and opening and closing the App did not turn them back off.

Regardless, it isn’t working like it should and needs to be reported as a bug. My only suggestion is to report it in the January posting of Fix It Friday.

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I agree. This is a bug and needs to be corrected. All I want is a simple porch light on at Sunset and off at 11.
If anyone opens the camera view in the app - The light goes off and the automation routine is dead for the night. Very frustrating.

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I opened a ticket with Wyze customer service and sent logs. Yes, very frustrating that a simple schedule does not work.

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Have they found a solution for you? I believe I have the same problem you are describing. I need a simple schedule of turning the lamp sockets on at sunset and off at 10:30. Viewing cameras in the app turns the lamp sockets off and I can no longer control the lights for the night. VERY FRUSTRATING!

I just bought the lamp socket and have the same issue with scheduling. Any update on this getting fixed?

Still broken for me. Seems like a major issue, but doesn’t appear to be a priority for Wyze,

I contacted support and opened a ticket to press further on this issue. Here is the response:

"We want to assure you that your feedback is valuable to us, and we take concerns like this seriously. We have received similar reports from other customers regarding scheduling issues with the Wyze Lamp Socket, and our Engineering team is actively investigating the matter to identify the root cause.

Please rest assured that we are actively working on resolving this issue, and we will provide updates as soon as we have more information."