Lamp socket setup reset on Live view

The Live view has an icon to switch the lamp on or off. However, this command does not persist e.g if you switch on and close the app, the lamp goes off depending of your setup.
This is disfuncional in case you want to limit a time for your socket and then you access the Live mode, the app will disregard your setup and switch the lamp off.
My setup:
Lamp on 7pm
Lamp off 11pm
Here is the problem: if I access the Live view for example 9pm, the lamp goes off as soon as I close the app.
I appreciate any tip!

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Yes. If you use the icon while in the live stream to turn the Sockets on, that is a non-persistent On button. It will turn the Sockets back off when you leave the Live Stream.

However, If you turn the Sockets on via a persistent method, such as a Rule, then opening and closing the Live Stream should not turn off the Sockets.

I have a Rule that activates my Lamp Sockets when a sensor is opened. The Sensor sends me a push notification informing me that the sensor opened. I then open the Cam to Live Stream and the Lamp Sockets are on as they should be.

When I exit the Live Stream, the Lamp Sockets remain on. They do not turn off when I exit the Live Stream.

What Firmware is running on the V3 and what App Version.

Firmware socket:

This is a software bug.
If the lamp is ON due to a rule (example on 7pm; off 11pm) and the App is opened in Live view, the button “lamp” in the Live mode will switch the lamp OFF as soon as you leave or close the App,

I have multiple cameras and lamp sockets and this failure happens in all - not a manufacturing defect, it is a software error.

Once again:


  • lamp ON: 7pm
  • lamp OFF: 11pm
    Software Defect: if the App is opened in Live view screen during the time the lamp is ON (for example 8pm), the lamp switches OFF INVOLUNTARILY as soon as the App is closed.

I believe so also. Another user is also experiencing issues with the Lamp Socket in a similar manner. Something must have recently changed in the newest V3 Firmware.

The common factor is that both of you are using the Lamp Socket in the “Off” position and allowing a Rule to control the schedule.

When I open the cam to Live Stream and close it, it is not overriding the Lamp Socket and turning it back off. However I am turning mine on by Trigger Rule rather than Schedule Rule and I have my sockets set to Auto, Motion when Dark.

It should be reported as a bug in the January Fix it Friday posting.

Sunset to sunrise works and does not trigger the problem, however, I would like to setup smaller time frame, e.g. 7-11pm


I agree that their software is flawed. I have an identical problem. Have they solved the issue?