V3 / socket combo on a schedule

I have (2) V3 camera / socket bundles. One is set up with a sunset to sunrise lamp on option and the other set up on a 6pm to 10pm lamp on rule. If I access the cam on the 6-10 setup, the lamp goes out. If I toggle the lamp back on, it only stays on for a minute or the length of time the timer is set to. The next day, the 6-10 schedule resumes until / unless I access that camera. I’ve rebooted the app, deleted and reinstalled the devise, swapped light sockets, deleted and recreate the rule and replaced cameras with the help of Wyze - nothing changes.

Have you tried using a schedule and can you access the camera without the lamp going off?

When you say “access”, you mean when you live view the camera? But this doesn’t happen on the sunset schedule?

So it sounds like schedules created in rules have this issue, but the built in sunset to sunrise schedule is fine.

Could you get a device log in the cams settings > Wyze support. Also, get an app log in account > Wyze support. Please post both log numbers here. Thanks! I will see if I can repro tonight

Lamps remain on when opening app. When I choose a camera on 6-10 schedule, lamp goes off after approx 5 sec

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App log submitted

Thanks! @WyzeDesmond can take a look into this one. My guess is the rule is simply telling it to turn on at start time, and off at end time, but for whatever reason viewing the livestream causes the lamp to turn off, and since it’s a rule, it’s never turned back on.

Thanks ! Wyze has replaced the cameras but, as I expected, the issue didn’t resolve.

@IEatBeans @bnsfry This issue might be something similar to what we have started to work on recently.

So current lampsocket is like this, if you set to “Auto” and then set a schedule to turn on and off at certain time. Then no matter when you enter the live view page of that lampsocket camera, it will sync with the last mode that it was, which is auto here. And by auto it means the camera will detect the envoronment and decide if it is dark or bright then to open the lampsocket.

We have started to working on a new way to implement this. I will surely notify you once there is any feedback.

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So for giggles, I’ll revise the rule to turn off at 10pm with the lamp socket control set to sunset/sunrise.

Thanks for working on the bug

Setting the socket to sunset/sunrise and adding a rule to turn off lamp at a specific time results in the same bug. The lamp goes puff per schedule and comes back on when the camera is accessed.

It depends on the last manual mode you set lampsocket into.