Lamp socket has been turning off for a few minutes and back on repeatedly

My outside garage door/driveway lighting has been turning on on-schedule, by sunset, but a few minutes later it turns off. Then a few more minutes pass and it comes back on. It does this all night; triggering motion events on the camera and my doorbell like crazy.

I’ve had this problem before and customer support is completely useless about the issue. Their solution is always a reset and that has yet to work and it too tedious to entertain further. It’s actually not been a problem in months since I installed a Shelly relay on the circuit that my outside garage light and V3 are on so I can power it off on a schedule. This effectively resets the network connection and restarts the camera and lamp socket.

Does anyone else have a solution before I throw this camera away and install something else and just use the Shelly to turn those lights on and off on schedule?

How did you set up your schedule?
If you’re going to turn it on with a rule schedule, then you need to make sure to set the Lamp Socket Control settings to “Off” or it may still turn the light on and off with motion or sound.

If you’re going to use the “Auto” setting, then maybe make sure it’s set to Sunset to Sunrise and not motion is detected in the dark.

If I were having problems like this, I would just set my lamp socket control to “Off” and then go into rules and just tell the rules to turn it on at a certain time and turn it off at a certain time.

It sounds like you have it set in a way that it is triggering with motion or other rules. Clear out all the other settings and rules and set up one rule that says what time you want it on and what time you want it off. Then it should work that way fine.

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During the time that you see the lights going off then back in, do you see any Rules being executed in the Rules History?

In your Lamp Socket Control Settings, what are they set to?

As @carverofchoice suggested, if you have a Schedule Rule set to turn them on at night, and it does, the Cam will send a duplicate On command when it senses Motion or Sound. But since the light is already on, you won’t get any change in state from the Cam Detection On command. However, X minutes later, the cam will turn them off and they will continue to blink on and off all night with every detection.

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Thanks for the reply. Here are the lamp socket settings.

Thanks for the reply. I have no schedule to turn the lamp sockets on besides the automatic on at sunset and off at sunrise. Due to a history of connectivity issues with this camera and finding that a power cycle fixes it, I do have it power cycle at the light switch automatically every day. The camera info reports a strong signal to the network, as does my router interface, so I don’t know if it’s a V3 problem or what.

I mean just look at the frequency of these notifications. :expressionless:

Are there any Rules executions in the Rules History?

Also, what App is that that you are using to view the Events?

That even history is from my Amcrest doorbell. I had a Wyze doorbell but it was very unreliable and had awful feedback noise in the audio, so I went with a different brand for that. Here is a picture of my rules history.

I have this same occurrence and had it tonight. my 2 lamps on my shed have gone out, and back on. I have 2 lamp sockets and a v3 camera. I found that resetting the camera or turning off and back on the breaker to the setup. I think for some reason, the camera loses contact with my router. Resetting seems to do the trick. I think a new router may be the answer.

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Yeah that worked for several months for me too, but now nothing seems to make it stop. About ready to toss it all. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Been mulling this over and fiddling around with mine to try and reproduce the issue.

Since your schedule is a simple Sunset to Sunrise > On schedule, have you considered setting the Lamp Socket to OFF in the Lamp Socket Settings and using only a Schedule Rule to control the time On and Off?

The test will be if they blink on and off using only a Schedule Rule. If they do, the next step would be Factory Resetting the cam, delete it from the App, and reinstalling it and the Lamp Socket(s) fresh to try and purge the Lamp Socket settings that may be still affecting it after they are changed. If it still does it, and you have more than one Socket linked, I would then swap the Sockets so that a different one was plugged into the V3. If this brings no solution, swap in a new V3 to test.