Issue with lamp socket

Hi I’m using the wyze lamp socket with my V3 Cam.
I’m using the detect motion in the dark to turn the light on at night.
After a while (like one or three days max) the light stop turning on even if it detects a movement.
If I restart the cam and the light socket it works for a while and the problem keeps happening again.
Is that a known issue ? Can I do something about it ?
Thank you.

Yea I have had random issues with the lamp socket, I think @carverofchoice has also. Try power cycling it (unscrew and screw back in or flip switch if you have one). This seems to fox it temporarily, but not always.

I am having a similar but opposite problem. Mine will turn on, but then it never turns off.

I plan to bring this up again in the Aug 5th #fix-it-friday event now that more people are reporting issues.

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I reported this in today’s fix it Friday event, though a Wyze employee already informed us this issue is being resolved in the next Firmware update.