Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

Which have you settled on?

Actually testing both. The z-wave stuff works inside my house. The YoLink products work in my pole barn/shop which is about 200ft from the house. YoLink allegedly has 1/4 mile range. I have both setup to interact with Alexa routines, just like Wyze. Testing to have them turn on Wyze plugs and z-wave light switches. YoLink has an interesting feature I haven’t tested yet they call YoLink control which allows local interaction between devices, without internet or servers.

I was trying the rules in reverse order, need to start with water sensor. found it thanks.


I am done. Bagan the process of requesting a full refund for the kit (bought it in June), for the home monitoring service, and also returning the leak sensors since it works through the hub as well.

All my bitchin and moaning has lead to nothing except repetitiveness. Nothing has been resolved since I began this thread, no updates from the Wyze team whatsoever. Even majority of members who chimed in on this issue has gone on about their lives. We had one Wyze member ONE SINGLE time pop in here saying they were aware of the problem. That solved nothing.

I had a hub replacement, no fix. About 3 firmware updates since Wyze nerfed it’s own hub volume, still no fix.

Meanwhile I’m getting constant emails of various things that the company is up to all of which excludes a damn fix for a problem THEY THEMSELVES created. Yeah I check out, officially.

I encourage others to start doing the same. It’s the only thing we can do as our voices has unfortunately not been enough. Demand a refund.

Once the refund process is complete, I will go on and explore other options for home monitoring systems from the likes of Eufy, SimpliSafe and Ring.

Wyze company is no longer a recommendation in my book.

Good luck all,

Yea the volume on my hub is garbage as well. The chime that plays when a door is opened is literally louder… They need to fix this ASAP.


Probably already got it by now but I posted an example rule for that.

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Thanks, I was trying to set it up the reverse order at first, then flipped it this way the other week. If they can fix the white screen of death so I can monitor/load security settings I should be in good shape. (And get the hub volume back to the original high volume)

With the white screen of death, the stupid thing won’t even let you reset the monitoring service to start over. Doesn’t matter if you reset the hub from the reset button at the hub, you still can’t connect at the app.

There’s a new firmware update, one last glimmer of hope while I still have the equipment in my possession. However you can’t do anything if you’re having the error white screen

Are you referring to a beta firmware update?

Is anyone from WYZE listening at all? The “off-shore” reps are untrained and completely useless. Wyze keeps sending me promotions and information about “New” products that I should spend my money on but has COMPLETELY FORSAKEN all of us that have already spent our $$ on this shameful excuse of an alarm system. I have used Wyze products since the beginning but I will NOT spend another DIME or recommend them to anyone until this issue is FIXED. The simple fact that all of the updates(so far) have completely ignored the low volume issue makes me think that Wyze has no intention of ever addressing this important issue!
Hey WYZE Techs: When are you going to fix the Wyze Hub Alarm siren lack of volume issue??? Initially I was told it would be resolved via an update within a few weeks…It has been MONTHS!


When are you going to fix the Wyze Hub Alarm siren lack of volume issue??? it has been MONTHS!

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and with the addition of the white screen of death for the home monitoring section of the app, it makes the monitoring system a bit of a bust until it’s fixed.

Am I the only one that still has the “Alarm Hub Low Volume”issue? Perhaps if all of us sound off Wyze will actually see this issue’s size and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? I realize this is a long shot but it is worth a try…

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No Hoot, You are not alone. And, sounding off to Wyze has done nothing to motivate their efforts to fix a defect they caused thru a defective update. In fact, I have yet to see any confirmation from Wyze acknowledging the problem. I seriously suspect that the reduction in the volume was intentional and that Wyze is remaining silent on the advice of their legal department. At any rate, I am not confident that Wyze actually has the capability of providing the superior level of customer support that their more successful competitors have mastered. I have taken another approach to sounding off… I am boycotting the purchase of ANY new or existing Wyze product and I am taking to all platforms of social media sharing my poor experience with Wyze and discouraging anyone looking for home monitoring security from buying Wyze. It is obvious they will do much better with one of the other options. Too bad as well, so much tech potential to be squandered on what people really purchase… The experience, the support, the feeling of confidence a company produces. Wyze has proven to me they just sell cheap imported gadgets. They don’t support them.

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I still have the issues, but also have the white screen of death issues where I can’t access the more monitoring tab in the app. (the next app update looks to fix that issue, because the beta testing app has solved it) That issue has been happening since the last app update.

But the volume issue still seems to be present, waiting to see if the final app has any fix. (it is as if the high volume level is stuck on medium) Most likely an app code issue.

SlabSlayer Unfortunately for us I feel you are spot on. I too have taken to social media, the “Zon” reviews and anywhere else I can think of to alert potential home security buyers of this issue. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. The only response I have received (to date) is the offer of a replacement hub. Problem is I have already tried a different hub and it made No difference. (But we already knew that, didn’t we). Wyze has offered a refund but only for the portion of my system that I purchased directly from them. My current system is MUCH larger than that, so for me that isn’t a viable option. I am frustrated and becoming angry. I feel completely duped because based on this company’s past performance I actually trusted them to make this right. I hate feeling stupid.

As I have previously stated, I have returned the home monitoring system several days ago. It was past it’s 30 days return period but still in its warranty period.

After I officially gave up, My expectation to them was clear and concise, I waited long enough for a fix, months later, STILL NO FIX. my monitoring system is deemed unusable, especially with the white unable to load screen. So I expect a refund.

I’ve also been in touch with the company through social media and they have a record of my story since it first started. The support on their social media direct message account has been good and helpful, they OK’d the return. I’ll keep this page updated if and when I get refunded.

the turn around time to process it all and issue a refund is about 2 weeks from the time I dropped off the kit at the post office.

I also returned a pack leak sensors, since they only work with the stupid hub that Wyze nerfed and kind of destroyed. And I also expect a refund for the home monitoring subscription for the year in advance that I paid, as well as a refund for the subscription since the low volume first started back in September/October.

I am the OP to this thread and unfortunately no one has bitched and complained more than I have about this egregious issue. I’m bewildered that it’s a few days before Christmas and Wyze has still NOT fixed this issue that started late September. Incredible.

Viper I don’t know how you’re still holding patient there bud, especially if you’re having the white screen of death. My system was completely useless at that point. At some point, enough is enough.

I encourage everyone reading this to take action!

Looks like the white screen of death will be fixed which this next app update based on the beta app having it working. I was going to retest the audio levels and take some db readings after the final app is released.

My thought was that medium and high were both medium and something was off in the app code.

I have been pretty chill for the last few months, so hopefully things work out.

I had issues with the 2 doorbell cams and waiting to test out the pro that I ordered.

Overall I would have liked a faster solution but I don’t know how many people it really affected, maybe this was a smaller amount of people or other people just don’t notice it because we just have better hearing?

I will update here after the new app update comes out and I can retest the sound. (Or I might just test the Berra app to get some readings, if I get a chance this week)

UPDATE: 12.21.21
The alarm volume is about 82-85db right next to the divice, but drops to 72-74db about 3ft from the unit.

The volume of the alarm is the same regardless of what low, med, high you select in the app.
• the low med and high are different, for the alerts and countdown tone. And the high countdown matches the db 85db of the alarm volume.

I don’t have any readings from before so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

If Wyze can create add on speakers to be placed in other rooms, that should help solve sleeping through an alarm. Or setting off an alarm by accident and not knowing it.

I have not compared to simply safe but it looks like their alarm is also 95db, not sure how far from the source.


Great tests. I’ve been meaning to do this myself, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for sharing what you found with your test.

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