Five Good Bookmarks

I must say I like the green box alright. Did @K6CCC pressure you to turn it off? :wink:

Ok, I’ll start with this one since it’s at the top of my bookmark list as it has a time-based reminder embedded.

Daylight Savings Time Rules


I bookmarked it because I made it clear to myself once so I wouldn’t have to remember - and I don’t, without checking this post. :slight_smile:


BTW, @QiS in the topic was a Wyze staff member (not noted on their profile at present) so it’s an informed discussion…

Peep raises another question on this topic…How often do you bookmark your OWN comments vs someone else’s :rofl:


I wanted to violate that taboo immediately. :grin:

There is no shame in self-referenciality.

Although, strictly speaking, this isn’t an instance of that.

Still, notwithstanding, et alia…

Carry on. :judge:


No pressure. I had a couple of instances of sketchy people going through my neighborhood. Wanted video and stills without green boxes. I bookmarked the thread for future reference. I might even want to turn them back on at some point.


Alright, I went through all 80 of my bookmarks, and while 14 is much more than the requested 5, I’ll share them anyway:

Portable Power

I bookmarked this thread because @SlabSlayer organized a whole bunch of options to consider about portable power. I would eventually like to do portable power for some cams, and I know it will come in hand to share with forums users in the future as people are always looking for these solutions:

I also have several other similar threads bookmarked separately, but that one includes a lot all in one.

Wyze Scale ROCKS!

I bookmarked this thread because I loved the article and wanted to be able to reference it in the future…particularly as justification for why I LOVE the Wyze scale. It really is a pretty amazing Smart scale compared to competition:

Home Assistant stuff:

I bookmarked this post because I want to try all of these:

Free Virtual Triggers:

I bookmarked this post because I LOVE this virtual trigger. I have set it up so that when my wife or daughter leave home or return home or get to certain other common locations, Alexa can trigger my Wyze devices such as Wyze Bulbs or Lightstrips or other things to let me know they arrived safely or are on their way back, or will be walking in the door in just a few seconds. It’s been awesome:

Solutions for Connectivity Issues

I bookmarked this post so when people report having connectivity problems with Wyze devices, when others like me are not having problems, it gives them some things they can look into in order to help improve their experience:

Garage Door Controller Universal Compatibility

I like to share this with people who who think the Wyze Garage Door Opener is incompatible with their Garage Door, because this genius thread helped me be able to get one working on mine even though it is allegedly not compatible. I just had to wire a Remote control instead and now it works GREAT!!!

Selective Dark Mode

I bookmarked this to be able to share with Android users who are desperate for Dark Mode, but don’t want to force darkmode on every single app, just the Wyze app:

Error Codes

This is the most comprehensive list of Error codes anywhere. I refer to it a lot when people ask what an error code means:

Answers about Wyze + Matter

I refer people to this thread a lot when they are asking about Matter. I tell them to read everything Frederik wrote (as he was the employee in charge of getting Wyze into Matter in the first place):

FIX bricked v1 Sensors

How to fix the V1 sensors when they “Brownout” from low battery:

How Wyze used to use TUTK:

SD card Size and format differences

This one isn’t very applicable anymore since Wyze officially supports both exFAT and FAT32 now, but this was a thread I referred to A LOT when people kept asking questions about MicroSD card sizes, etc:

My initial thoughts on Cam Plus Vs SD card differences:

I believe I followed this to set up Home Assistant for the first time:


Lol, SCORE! :clap:


This comment specifically (from one of the Mavens) because it’s direct, earnest, honest - and QUITE useful to know!


Glad to hear that’s what you were looking for :slight_smile:

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If you want to follow the Headline format ala @carverofchoice above…

Begin the line with ##(space)


## Portable Power

Portable Power


Here are two more Bookmarks. They are not thread bookmarks, but are Wyze related. Thought this would still be a good place to share.

DownDetector Wyze page

Wyze Service Status Known Issues page

Peepeep, thanks for starting this thread. I have added it to my forum bookmarks.


Oh yes, I use both of those as well. I even have the Downdetector app on my phone so I can check it easily with Wyze saved as a favorite, along with AWS and some other AWS companies so I can see if there is a pattern of AWS connectivity issues that might be indicative of a Wyze outage. :slight_smile: Great suggestion.


Here’s an add-on, Steve! :grin:

Service Advisory Email Notification

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I’ll play…

The bookmark I visit the most to get the video link…

Because Wize or wuze…

Then some important to me forum milestones that I reached.


Tony! I’m intrigued, but clueless, what am I looking at when I click the media at the streamable link? :confused: :older_man: :grin:

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Wow. I made the Carver list twice. I am so honored.

I have over 80 as well and most of them are by @carverofchoice.

Here are my top 6 (in no particular order):

This one is the post that kicked off my obsession with using Wyze Plugs as relay switches between Wyze Rules and Alexa Routines. I have 15 Wyze plugs. Only 3 have something plugged into them. This post illuminated the light bulb and inspired my Rube Goldberg automation obsession. Thanks @mikeschultz85!

This one is a great explanation on how the little green box works. An explanation that has to be repeated regularly. Thanks @Newshound!

I bookmarked this topic on Samsung SD Cards just because it is Doctoral Thesis level smart stuff (that I would love to be able to understand) on really technical whatnots as it pertains to testing the performance of an SD card. Thanks @jjwatmyself!

I bookmarked this post (among several others) from our Forum Thermostat Whisperer @speadie and refer back to it often when reading thermostat posts. It lists what all the terminals do. Thanks @speadie!

I bookmarked this post because it taught me how to setup a loud external siren long before Wyze added the HMS to the rules triggers (current App Beta BTW). Of the 8 linkbacks, I think 7 are mine. Great out of the box thinking here. Thanks @dasnider!

And last, but certainly not least, is a two-fer of mind blowing tutorials on SD Cards and differences in formatting and also the differences in how SD Card space and Wyze SD usage is calculated. Thanks @carverofchoice!


It’s was, and still is a good video for troubleshooting and showing the detection system of the WCO v1. Dongsheng originally posted it here, but I just reposted it with a working link.


Ahh, thanks! :slight_smile:


Aside from the practical value (a LOT) this is really helping me get to know you all better. :+1:


A taste (and capacity) for complexity

I didn’t read the thread linked above before I posted. Just read it now, lol.

My memory was of the drawings and the artist’s name by which I might find them.

This was the thread by which I was judged a pontificator. There is, of course, some truth to that.

Nobody’s perfect, eh?

Carry on… :slight_smile:

The perils of being onself. :slight_smile: