Happy Birthday to Wyze

I just finished reading the nice email Wyze sent me in celebration of a year of going live. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday as well! I didn’t really know what to expect when I bought my first Wyze Cam, but you have exceeded my expectations. 3 Cams later, and numerous recommendations to other folks as well, I am looking forward to what you come up with in your second year! I can now watch what’s going on downstairs when I’m up, check in on my dog while I’m at work, and finally found out who or what is setting off my security lights after I go to bed. And I have told quite a few people, keep watching this group, you won’t know what comes next. My daughter even got one for her apartment, and now delights in the fact that she can check on her cat when she visits us.

Keep up the great work!

EDIT: I’m sorry if my post bothered anyone. I could not find an area better suited for my topic. Moderators, please feel free to move my post elsewhere on the forum, if you think that is suitable.