Welcome to the Wyze Community!

Hi all! My name is George and I am a triple Wyzecam owner. I want to say hello from the frozen tundra. After trying a wyze cam for a while I had to order two more. They all work really great and when I had a cable problem you came to the rescue. I think this forum is a great idea to share knowledge and information. I feel like I know Gwen already as I really enjoy those tips on Tuesday.


Hello Wyzer’s ha! My name is Aaron and I’m living in CT and enjoying this fantastic product! Perfically ballanced and super quality! Keep up the great work I look forward to buying more to outfit the home and soon the outdoors Wink Wink :wink:

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Hello Wyzer’s ha! My name is Aaron and I’m living in CT and enjoying this fantastic product! Perfectly balanced and super quality! Keep up the great work I look forward to buying more to outfit the home and soon the outdoors Wink Wink :wink:

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Oh, man! Way to make my day, George! :smiley:

Thank you so much for watching my videos. It makes me so happy!

Could not wait to try out your outdoor camera when they are available! I love your indoor cam!! They work really well. Met my expectation! Thx

HI everyone. My name is Merri. I have 6 cameras at my house. Love them. I live in the mountains of Southern California. Looking forward to learning from our community here on the forum.

Hey you all, my name is Cy. I purchased one of Wyze camera for evaluation. It is a fantastic product for such a reasonable price. The response time for the video is much better than the $120 Arlo cameras. I has six Arlo cameras and after testing the Wyze Cam, I returned all the Arlo Cams and ordered another 10 Wyze Cams.

The only thing which will make my setup complete would be an external Wyze Cam with solar power option.

Wyze Cam team, keep up the good work.

Hi Wyze! I ordered 2 cameras and am impatiently waiting to receive them. Ready to put them into service and monitor my home. I believe that Wyze is on to something - having an automated home shouldn’t cost a brick of gold as other brands are charging. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Hello. my name is Ed in So Cal and I have 5 cameras, 4 of which are positioned outside and doing well under cover. One of my cameras captured an elderly neighbor go off the road into another neighbors house. So far I’m very impressed and although I have the working with some Ring cameras, I think I will only buy more Wyze Cams.

oin video skip to 9:09;35

I too think an external camera is a great idea. I realized it would cost a little more and I really like the solar power idea.

Code name : iMacoo7 IT Tech and then some.! Currently own one (Arrived Before Christmas). Plan on purchasing more for myself and for my parents home

Hi my name is Mike. We are snowbirds living in Florida in the winter and New Hampshire in the summer. We have 4 Wyse cameras and they are working out perfectly. We even put one outside but in a covered area by our doorway. I anticipate some problems with moisture but hope we can overcome by a daily toweling. I would love to see an outdoor version and also wireless versions. I understrand yhe cost would be higher but they would be worth it based on the models I have now.

Hi all. haven’t ordered mine yet. Wanted to check in and see what everyone thinks, and it looks like I need to go ahead and make the plunge. Glad to hear everyone is liking them. Will put up how I like in the next few weeks.

The WYZE guru’s should add an option in the profiles to add your location.

Hello All, my name is Mike . Currently have multiple Wyzecams running and have to say hands down for the price there is no other cam out there right now that can touch WyzeCam. Hope to see a lot of what was in the makings email that came out soon, some features more than others like External Personal Storage/Cloud locations and web server ability for browser camera viewing. Currently running Tiny Cam app until Wyze Cam gets the multi live view in the Wyze Cam App and ability to run a local Web Server.

Just keep up the awesome work Wyze guys , plus I will be ordering 5 more units here very soon!

Mike, I am interested in how you set up multiple wyze cams with tiny cam and are able to see multi live view. Please advise. Thanks!

Not sure I understand the question as I’m OK tech wise but certainly not a wizard. I set up all the cameras on my iPhone and by just selecting “devices” I see video from all 4 cameras simultaneously—I can then send them to my TV (if I want to) using apple TV or Google.I “shsred” them with my wife’s phone so that she can access them at will.----Mike

As how I have it running:


Nexus Player for my TV with TinyCam Pro installed - Or any other Android TV player ( Am not sure if Apple TV has the app or an app like TinyCam for Apple TV)

I have listed the steps in a post/communication on the WyzeCam CORE USER group located here:

I can try to break it down further but will have to wait till tomorrow when I have time to go through all the steps again.

I am also very interested in the Personal Storage like NAS or CIFS share locations. I have my cameras inside my house and would prefer not to have videos of my kids up in the cloud so I currently have alerts turned off. I still save to the local SD card but not to the cloud…

I have 5 cameras and they are awesome! You just can not beat the price for what you get. I used to have the D-link and I have switched them all out for these babies!! I could have gotten 4 Wyze cameras for the price of one of my D-links…