Wyze Garage Door Opener Hack – Not Compatible Chamberlain C203

Now that Insteon had died, I needed to replace my remote garage door monitors/openers. I have two openers, one opener is “compatible” (older Craftsman) the other (Chamberlain C203) is not with the new Wyze Garage Door Opener. However, since I had to hack the Chamberlain C203 to use with Insteon, I decided to try the same approach with the Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller – Bottom line, it works! Here’s how:

Basic process: Connect the output of the Wyze Garage Door Controller unit to the Chamberlain C203 compatible remote (see details below), position the Wyze Cam 3, QR Code, etc. per the Wyze instructions, and Voilà! Control your “Not Compatible” garage door opener with the Wyze app…
Here are the details:

  1. Obtain a spare Remote Controller for your opener
  2. Program it to open your garage door
  3. Open the Remote Controller case and determine which solder terminals are used for the appropriate button
  4. Solder two leads to the appropriate terminals
  5. Notch the plastic case as needed to accommodate the lead wires
  6. Install a fresh battery if needed and close the case
  7. Attached the lead wires to the output wires of the Wyze Door Controller

Basic wiring of a three button remote (using Insteon as an example) can be found here: Insteon Garage Door Opener Hack - YouTube


WOW! This is Brilliant! Thank you for sharing! I love this hack to make the Wyze GDC work with round Yellow learn button systems (Security+ 2.0)!

Now EVERY Garage Door [can be made to be] compatible with Wyze’s system! THANK YOU! :pray: I may go buy one now and try this.


Might have to get a soldering iron. Wyze soldering iron when? lol


And if you want to add Alexa and Google Asst, to your opener, you can pick up one of these Sonoff WiFi Switches for less than $10 and add it to your same Remote. Just tap into those same two wires at the remote and plug this in. This is what I have been using for years.
I am not suggesting it replace the Wyze, but compliment it for just a few bucks.


Hi Sam_Bam.
Thanks for the information, I didn’t know this item existed.

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Hello @redsilkRob.
After looking at and comparing the top right and bottom left pictures, the push button solder connection can be located.
I’m thinking that once the solder points for the door operation push button on the backside of the circuit board are located, you used a u-shaped piece of wire to shunt across pairs of the push button’s solder points until the garage door responded? Is it that simple?

This is a wonderful hack.

If you’re trying to confirm which solder points to attached the leads to…


Thanks for your quick response. You seem to be saying a jumper wasn’t used? Were there markings on the circuit board that guided the choice of contacts, or marks on the switch?

Sorry I misunderstood your prior reply. No jumper is used. Just add leads to the proper button’s solder pads. The leads connect to the output of the Wyze Controller. I determined the proper solder pads based on the video. For your particular door opener remote, you my have to experiment by connecting the Wyze output to the remote and giving it a try…



@redsilkRob , your hack worked great. I had an old remote and it worked as you explained. :slight_smile: I then wanted be different and put my Camera at the other end of the Garage so I can see the entire Garage. As an experiment, I printed it bigger 20x20 and put it on my garage door and it worked. :slight_smile:

Check out the size difference and what the Camera sees. Ignore the mess, we are cleaning it up and will be doing the garage this summer. I am working towards getting my car back in the garage.


Glad it worked. All the credit for the hack goes to SHAKER242 from the video. I originally used his hack for my Insteon system then said what the heck when Insteon died a few weeks ago…

Did you try with the original size QR? Mine looks to be as far back as yours and the camera still sees it just fine…


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Wow, the camera can read that? Looks so dark up there, maybe because it is next to a bright window. I actually had to load a bigger version of the picture to find it, lol.

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Could be the time of day…I’ll have to watch to see if it works morning and night

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Night should be easier with a dark window. Just set your IR lights to far.

I did and it worked sporadically.


Sorry for the quick answer, was having a panic attack when I updated my Router FW and my T-Stat decided to disconnect from the internet. It is all good now :slight_smile:

Any way, I did try with the original QR Code, but my windows are not frosted so when the light would shine in it would get confused. It did work for a short period of time. But when it got confused, it always thought it was closed, so I could open and close without the alarm - good thing until it started to alarm on both open and close. :slight_smile:

So I decided to see if I could enlarge the QR Code and have it work. It did work and with standard ink from a plotter. :slight_smile:

If you really want a garage door opener and yours isn’t compatible with Wyze, you might want to look at this:

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Here!-Here!, Amen ! That’s what I have. I suggested they look at just the sensor for alerts the door is open. But no one commented, so I guess they ignored my suggestion. The have another model. (@WildBill ), I am sure you already know. It has a “little finger” that pushes your wall mounted switch. Genius idea for those that they “#2” does not work for.

@WildBill , good to see your comment.

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I’m reasonably certain that’s the V2 model. The original V1 is more like the Wyze one and requires wiring into the opener.

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Thanks for the update…mine is alarming on both open & close so it must not be reading the QR as I thought. I’ll try enlarging.

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