Compatible Garage Door Opener

I will replace my 10-year-old garage door opener & would like one that works with Wyze controller. I have looked at a lot online & none have been on the Wyze-compatible list. Can anyone suggest a brand & model number that you are using that works with Wyze.
Thanks, Mike

Mike, I will say this…I have a Garage door opener that is actually “NOT COMPATIBLE” with the Wyze Garage door opener. But there was a loophole…instead of connecting the Wyze device directly to my my GDO Controller, I opened a Garage remote controller, and just wired it to that following these instructions:

So, worst case scenario, even if someone doesn’t give you a good option to choose from, you can always do like I did. I’ve had mine up FOREVER running off the remote controller battery. I’ve never had to replace the battery yet.

Having said that, here is the official compatibility page:

If you go to toward the bottom there is a place you can enter in the make and model for any controller you are considering.

In general though, you can know if it is compatible based on the learning button it uses:


The Yellow learning buttons are super popular lately because they use Chamberlain’s proprietary rolling code, but those aren’t compatible. That is what I have, and even though it’s not compatible, I made it work anyway. :slight_smile:

GDO’s have for years been categorized by color of their Learn button. I don’t remember what they current color of the technology being used these days. But the YELLOW LEARN button on nearly everyone’s IoT Smart interface to a GDO that does not work. Don’t buy a GDO that has a YELLOW LEARN button. (I don’t think you can, anyway, its old tech.)

It’s my understanding that even though it’s been out for a long time, it’s actually it’s among the newest tech, with nothing newer having come out yet:

Color of Learn Button Color of Antenna Technology Radio Frequency Color of LED next to Learn Button Year of manufacture
Yellow (square) Gray DIP Switch No longer supported Red Prior to 1993
White Gray DIP Switch No longer supported Red Prior to 1993
Gray Gray DIP Switch No longer supported Red Prior to 1993
Green Gray Billion Code 390Mhz Green 1993-1997
Red/Orange Gray Security+ Rolling Code 390Mhz Amber/Yellow 1997-2004
Blue* Gray Security+ Rolling Code 433Mhz Amber/Yellow
Purple/Brown Purple Security+ Rolling Code 315Mhz Amber/Yellow 2005-2014
Yellow (round) Yellow Security+ 2.0 310, 315 & 390Mhz Amber/Yellow 2011-Current

Or this one who shows what brand they belong to:

Crazy that there hasn’t been anything new since like 2011. :man_shrugging: So they’re all old, even the newest one.

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Huuhh !.


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At least, the ROUND Yellow button is the newest (2011-ish)…but on the bright side, you’re totally right about the SQUARE yellow button…it’s no longer supported and is pre-1993, so we’ll just go with that being the one you meant. :sweat_smile:

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