Garage door controller with old wyze cam

Do I need the wyze cam v3?
I have a wyze cam in my garage but v1. Can I use it?

The garage door controller looks like a light accessory to a V3, and that is how it controls it. So you must have a V3. Not a V1, or V2.

Further, the V3 in the kit has a shielded pigtail so your original RF remotes keep working properly (reduced range for them if you use a standard V3).


Are you able to add users? I want my kids to be able to use the app to open the garage when they come over.

Yes you can. You just share the camera with them, and it comes with access to the garage door controller. Then they just press the open/close button below live view. :slight_smile:

Note that as with all shared cameras, they will hear any audio that gets to the microphone as part of the live stream. There are articles here to disable the microphone, or vote for them to add that capability to the app. But in the case of a camera in the garage, all they are likely to hear (at my house anyway) is a lot of cussing. :joy:


The garage controller only works with Wyze Cam v3, maybe it is a good time to get a bundle kit and give it a try :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to check the compatibility before purchasing.