Garage Door Controller Makes Camera Unavailable in Alexa

I’m hoping to use the person detection on the Wyze Cam V3 that the garage door controller is attached to – or simply using the garage door opening as a trigger – to turn on a group of lights (they are not Wyze bulbs). For some reason, though, neither the camera nor the garage door opener itself are available in the Alexa Routines section, even though just about every other Wyze product I own shows up (including the air purifier).

Anyone have any workarounds for this?

Give this one a read.

But in short for the camera,

  • Can I see the camera view of the Wyze Garage Door Controller on my Google Home display or Chromecast?
    • No, because although the garage door controller has a camera attached, it is a garage door controller. It is not a camera that you view with Google Assistant, but a door that you open/close with Google Assistant. While you cannot stream the view of your garage door to a Google device, you can still check your camera view via the Wyze app.
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I think you asked the same question in the discord server. Check out my response there.