Garage Door controller Google compatibility?

Can we get an update on when this will be up and running?

There are some users who have gotten the Garage Door Control to work with Google already. Read through the following threads:

I’m sure Wyze is also working toward an easier more streamlined resolution, but if you want it to work right now, you can get it to do so.


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What is not working? Telling Google to close the Garage Door, Open the Garage Door, or both? Or something else?

In order to open you need to provide the PIN which is setup in the app as Google Requires that. Alexa adds the PIN to Alexa and not required in the App.

So just trying to get some clarity on this.


Closing, it says it’s already locked when it’s open

I run the Wyze app for iOS and also have the Google Home app installed, but when i tap on one of the cameras within Google Home (after liking it to Wyze) it tells me in a blue banner at the top of the next screen that ‘This video stream can’t be viewed here. If you have a smart display or Chromecast, you can ask the Assistant to stream it there’

What I’ve concluded from this is that Google Home app doesn’t yet support this on iOS, and I can only view the video streams from within the Wyze app.