Google Assistant integration with Garage Door Controller

Please add the Wyze Garage Door Controller to google assistant integration

Amazon alexa and google assistant are coming soon!

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Google Home working great for closing the garage door…asking Google to open requires pin. Based on other forums this is set with the third party account. Is this option not available for Wyze?

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I am having the same experience. How can I use Google assistant to close my Wyze controlled garage doors?

It looks like the integration is there if we can simply set or reset a pin. It closes fine with Google assistant, and it would open if we could set the pin. Given this is a rather old topic with other/older wifi garage door controllers, I’m surprised to see this wasn’t addressed as a priority prior to release.

Having the same issue with Google Assistant asking for a PIN to open the Garage door. Cannot find anywhere in wyze or Google to set a pin number

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Did you figure out how to setup a pin?

Garage controller needs a PIN with Google Home/Assistant. Does not accept any of my PIN #'s

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I believe Wyze is working on the ability to provide a PIN for Google Home. Currently Alexa Supports this as the PIN is part of the Alexa Device Setup. Google Home honors the PIN associated with the App / Device and therefore Wyze needs to include it there.

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Thanks spamoni4, can you give me any timeframe estimates for this bug fix?

Unfortunately I am a voluteer community member and not a Wyze Employee. So I don’t know of any timeframe or status. There is a post about this in the forum, I can search and will post when I find it.


It may have been posted in Facebook or Discord. I am leaning towards Facebook as that is where the Alexa Video was

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This has been solved! The ability to set up a PIN is explained here:

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