Google Assistant can now open and close Garage Doors!

I’m using the Android version of the Wyze app on my Google Pixel 6 Pro.

I’ve been hoping for a while that the Garage Door Controller would be controllable via Google Assistant, and until tonight that didn’t work. When I examined my attached devices in the Google Home app I noted that they were recognized as having a device type of “camera”. On a hunch, I went back into Home / Settings, scrolled down to Works with Google, clicked on Wyze Home in Linked Services, and selected “Reconnect account”. This was quick and when I checked the Home app again I could see the devices were now recognized as type “garage” instead of “camera”.

Then, via the Wyze app, I selected my first garage door controller, selected settings (the gear at the upper right), clicked on Accessories, then on Garage Door Controller, and then on Third Party Integration. There I saw a lone entry for Google Assistant…Reset PIN. I selected that and set a 4 digit PIN.

I then backed out and repeated all these steps with my second Garage Door Controller in the Wyze App. Then I backed out to my home screen.

I opened the Wyze app again and tapped on the first GDC, which I had named, “Garage Door One”, and I was watching a live view of the inside of the garage door. I then said out loud my numerous Google Home speakers (and my phone) could hear me, “Hey Google, open Garage Door One”. Google Assistant then asked for my PIN, which I recited back. Assistant acknowledged the request, and I had the pleasure of watching the garage door open as if I had tapped the button manually.

After it finished opening, I called out, “Hey Google, close Garage Door One”. I could see the warning light flash and hear the warning tones…and then the door closed.

I tried the same with my second GDC (coincidentally enough named, “Garage Door Two”, and it worked perfectly.

On a hunch, still sitting in my living room, I called out to Google, “Hey Google, is Garage Door One open?”, and Assistant replied, “Garage Door One is closed”.

This is excellent. I’ll have to start experimenting with Google Routines, and I imagine this can be built into a Google Action (but this needs a developer). I’ll have to look into geofencing as well. For the moment, I’m really pleased to see Assistant integration via voice command working.


I set this up last nite following your instructions, which I also found same on Wyze support, & tried it out this morning. Still didn’t work for either google assistant nor on alexa. So I unplugged the controller\camera, waited 30 sec & plugged back in & tried again. Now they both see the controller, again. I told google assistant to open garage, which asked for my code & opened garage. Told to close & it closed. asked if it was open & was told it was closed. asked it if was closed & was told it is closed. Told Alexa to open, which also asked for code. Door opened, however still won’t close. Alexa is now telling me if it’s open or closed. Just wish it would close as Alexa is what we have around the house & I have on my watch, as well as all my devices are apple, xcept 1 Galazy tab which I rarely use. But glad I have it so I could set this up to work with google assistant. That’s for your post :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure if this would apply to Alexa, but with Google, I had to “reconnect the Wyze account” to Google before this all started working properly.

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SMH Before Even Seeing The Steps You Took, I Did The Same Curious George Reconnect To Be Able To Update Some New Hardware Introduction and Noticed The Population of a Garage Door Along With It’s Home Camera That Teathers Its Link… Those Sneaky Uninformative Wyze [Mod Edit]

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I have tried to no avail…
I continue to have Google tell me “Sorry, that mode isn’t available for garage door.”

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I was able to get it to work as well. At first I thought it wasn’t working. I already had Wyze linked to my Google home, so I can view my cameras on my nest displays. So I see the camera associated with the garage door controller in my Google Home app already.

I expected a new device to appear when support for Google Assistant was added. Unfortunately, there isn’t a new device. The garage door controller doesn’t appear in the Google Home app. However, voice commands now work. I did have to set up a pin in the Wyze app in order to open the door (expected).

If you still can’t get voice commands to work, try removing the link to Wyze completely in the Google Home App and re-adding it.

I’m a little disappointed, I can’t control the door directly through my Google Home app, but voice control is nice.

Yes…the integration between the GDC and Googe Home is better than it had been before, as I can now use voice controls such as “Hey Google, is garage door one open?” (and it will respond appropriately), “Open garage door one” or “Close garage door one”. But as far as I can tell that’s the limit.

Before getting to this point, Home “recognized” the hybrid (camera / GDC) Wyze device as a camera. Now the device is seen by Home as device type = “garage”. I didn’t manually remove the Wyze / Home connection and then re-add it, but I guess what I did amounted to the same thing: I chose the option in Home to “reconnect” the device to Home. Note: if you do this, be sure to have to Wyze logon credentials handy, as you’ll have to provide them to Home so it can link in to your Wyze account.

As with your experience - I can open, close and check status of my two garage doors by voice using Google Assistant. But there’s no way to control the doors by the Home app, and Home cannot display the cameras – for that, I have to use the Wyze app.

This is a shame - the core functionality is available, but only if you hop around between Wyze app, Home app, and voice control. I wonder if the fact that the GDC setup is really a hybrid device combining the v3 camera and the GDC has made integration with Home more difficult. This is shown to Home as a single device, and I don’t know if Home is even able to manage a hybrid like this; if that’s the case, Wyze has to choose how to present those capabilities when the connection between Wyze and Google is made.

I am okay with some lack of functionality. Trade off for the low price, I guess. This is a little annoying though. Especially as there are so many clicks required in the Wyze app to just open the door.

However, since getting it to work with Google voice controls, it has been more convenient to just ask Google to open/close the door. I did have one “state” glitch where Google thought the door was closed when it was open. I had to ask it to open the door in order to close it.

The state issue seems to have rectified itself, but if this becomes an on going issue, it will make creating routines through Google Home, unreliable.

There are a few threads with people discussing a state issue, and it seems that recalibration to make sure the camera can see / recognize the QR code sticker is the answer (in most cases at least). I’m curious - do you think it was Google somehow misreading Wyze, or Wyze simply not reporting the right state to Google (and the latter is, I think, more likely)?

I really don’t need to create shortcuts for open/close to drop on my phone’s homescreen – easier to simply ask Google if the door is open or closed and tell it to open or closer the door. I also had to remind myself that when I’m sitting in the car, I use one of the car’s own Homelink buttons to open/close the door…

I thought the geofencing and rules would be valuable…but with other people in my home going in/out the garage all day it wouldn’t make sense for the door to start closing simply because I drove a block away. This might be clever, but ill-advised. So…crossed off my list even if I could do it.

Putting a Wyze app widget on my homepage let’s me bypass the first startup app screen and takes me right into the GDC’s page. You still have to wait a couple of seconds for the app to authenticate to the GDC, but then the controller button appears. If you really wanted to, you could put a widget on the phone homepage, making it only two clicks to open or close the door, with a couple of seconds authentication delay in the middle. But…since I can do this all with my voice (or homelink button when in the car), I haven’t bothered with an Android widget – just no reason for one.

Has anyone been able to set up a routine on the Google home app? I can’t locate the action in the routines ‘action’ menu. I’d love to include this in my good night routine to close the door each night.

Hmmm. I can open garage door fine but cannot close. When I tell Google to close garage door it states"garage door already locked"

Any idea why it says this and how to fix?

Have you tried recalibrating the Garage Door Closer? I haven’t experienced the problem you describe, but if I did, recalibration would be my first step to try fixing the issue.

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have you tried saying to open the garage door (even though it’s open), then telling to close?

TY Johnathan. That did it.


same thing with “garage door locked”…recalibrated and good to go…using pixel buds with my pedal bike or honda grom is awesome…just say "“open the garage door (pin)” and its open when i hit the alley!!!

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I’ve gotten to really like the feature. I’ve found that my phone (Pixel 6 Pro) can “hear” me even when it’s in my pants pocket. I can be in the garage or outside and simply say “hey google, close garage door one” (I’ve got two setups - you can probably guess what I named the other garage door closer) – the lights blink and warning sounds and the door closes. Or - when I’m driving home, I could press the garage door Homelink button on my car’s visor…or simply open or close the garage door by voice.

For the benefit of my family members: I set the 4 digit security code the the GDC to match the 4 digit code they would enter on the dedicated Chamberlain keypad to open/close the door. This way they only use the same 4 digit code, whether manually or by voice.

BTW: this has been working pretty much flawlessly for me this summer. I essentially added these inexpensive Wyze GDC’s to my two 20 year old Craftsman/Chamberlain garage door motors / openers, and turned them into smart garage doors. (well…I also replaced the springs, wheels, safety wires…). I’m really pleased with the way this worked out.

I like how Google Assistant is able to open the garage door w no probs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a droid phone. I have google assistant app on my iphone, but I think siri gets jealous & won’t let her work, but I have to open my phone to use. Alexa just doesn’t want to work consistantly, plus have to open phone for that too. I brought in google mini, that I’d stored away, into the livingroom so I can tell her to open & close door…no probs. I wish I could put 1 of these in my car & get it to connect to my iphone. Do you, or anyone reading this, know of a way to connect the google mini device to iphone so I can use it in the car??
So much for the garage door working w Alexa!

Frustrating! Disappointing to hear that results with Alexa are bad. This is a bit unusual and may not be worth the hassle, but you could set up your Google mini speaker in the car:

First - set up a Wi-Fi hotspot from your iPhone. You’ll also need a small power inverter in the car to power your Google Mini. Then connect the Google Mini speaker to the Wi-Fi signal from your iPhone hotspot. Oddball yes, but this would actually give you a working Google speaker in the car and the ability to use it to control your Wyze GDC by voice.

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This is wonderful info, but yea, a bit of hassle, I do have an old power converter (thanks for adding the link). I was hoping there would be a simple solution like an app that lets the mini connect to use iphone as hot spot like I do w my ipad. THanks Wyze! I hope they eventually live up their advertising & fix it to work w Alexa.
I appreciate your help.

i guess i’m back to say that opening on pixel 3 is fine but even after calibrating it …again…when i ask google to close it it says “garage door is locked”…stupid.